30 Oct

Welcome to the last two days of October, also known as the last two days I will be able to do anything at all for the next thirty-two days.

That’s right. NaNoWriMo is right around the corner. If you don’t know what this is…where have you been hiding? Come to the real world. It’s nice here, I promise. Plus, I’m leaving soon…


Today is my last self-allotted brainstorming day, and tomorrow is outlining day. Tuesday, the craziness begins, and it won’t stop [hopefully] until November first. On that day, I will [hopefully] walk out of my room with a novel in my hands. It will be complete [hopefully]. It will be good [hopefully]. It will be…extremely difficult.

I have a small idea blossoming, and I hope to add volumes to it today. I also need to study for a test. Study then brainstorm. That sounds like a better idea…than not studying…

Honestly, I can’t decide between going with my old book and starting from scratch [plus a couple pages I want to keep] or if I should just come up and run with an entirely new idea. It’s really a hard decision. For me.

Blah. This would be exciting if I were doing nothing but writing. But no, that can’t be. I have to be a full-time college student who’s in a play and works three days a week and actually sorta-kinda has a life. Rawr. Not to mention that the last Eragon book comes out on the 8th. *sobs*

We’ll see how many words I write a day. I will try to report…maybe a couple sentences every other day about progress? And of course, if I fail, you will know. You will know, and we can cry together at my failure. It will be…pitiful. And pathetic. And then I’ll be able to sleep and read and eat and do stuff I won’t have time to do because I’ll be writing so much. So that might be fine.

But then I probably won’t finish that book.


This is a predicament.

I’m going to go think about my story and study for a map quiz of Africa. Okay?

Okay. Have a good Sunday, everyone.

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