13 Nov

NaNoWriMo is going sadly downhill. I have been insanely busy this week–I worked every day, three times at CherryBerry and three times at the public library. I’m exhausted, way too low on sleep, and hyped on caffeine. It’s keeping me alive. That and sugar.

I wrote…once or twice since my last post, I can’t even remember. That’s how long it’s been. INSANITY.

That reminds me of New York City.

Back to subject…

I will be starting again tomorrow or Monday, but a small part of me thinks I might be starting another completely different story. Unfortunate. I have no consistency in me…

I should work on that.


Anyways, this next week will be pre-finals tests and papers galore, so writing might be a bit low on my schedule. I shall try, but no promises or anything. Seriously. It’s gonna be even more crazy. Thankfully, the play is done–thanks to everyone who came out to watch it!–so there’s no more practice to worry about. Just a lunch on the school next week [super excited] and then an open hour in the afternoon.

Next semester’s schedule is still giving me grief, and I’m trying to work out details–I’ll be taking a couple English classes [as per my major] and then I’m adding a psychology minor, so I’m trying to find a psych class that won’t clash with one of my required English courses. So far no luck; I’ve emailed Prof Hughes for help.

For those of you who care/want to know/want to take a class with me, here are my classes so far…

English Literature 2 [much fun], Native American Novels [a bit nervous], Italian Renaissance [aka trip to Venice in March], Stagecraft [another play], and Advanced Linguistics [eek…]. It should be a fun semester, but that’s only 13 hours…and a couple of those classes won’t last all year…so I really really need another class. I’m thinking about taking Personal Finance. What do you think? Anyone taking that class and want to avoid me see me there?

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