Impressed by the Best.

21 Nov

Hello, blog-verse. Long time no see. Remember that one time when I blogged just about every day?

Me neither.

But I swear it happened…almost every day, once upon a time.

So here’s the deal:

I cannot, for the life of me, finish a story. I tried Nanowrimo, and it didn’t work. Seriously. Life is busy, and I didn’t have the time to write every day. I wish I was awesome enough to take a week and just sit and knock out a whole stinkin’ novel. That would be amazing. I don’t know how people like the author of the Pretty Little Liars series does it. Or anyone who has a million and two books out, for that matter.

Please, oh wise ones, shed your light on my humble want. Show me how to write like the greats.

Where’s Rowling when you need her?

Seriously, the people who write super long books amaze me just as much, and sometimes more, than those that write a million little books. Christopher Paolini, for example, knocks my socks off. How did he manage to write an 800 page book three times in a row? The first book was the shortest by far at a ‘mere’ 497 pages and a killer story line. The fact that the story didn’t end there was fantastic; how can you write for another 2,384 pages is remarkable. Rowling had a grand total of 4,178 in her seven books. That…is ridiculous.

Ye gods, this is what I’m expected to contend with?

I shall never make it as a writer. I’m throwing in the towel now, before I crash and burn later.

Ha. If only giving up writing were that easy, eh?

I can’t give this up. I mean, I may not ever make a good living off of my writing, but I can at least try and enjoy it, eh? Besides, someday my memoir of my high school and college life will be famous and super-awesome and sold out all the time. It’s going to be called Fancy Dresses and Juice Boxes: The College Experience. Title subject to change, Christian label [hopefully] on the back, since the ‘college experience’ will NOT involve partying and clubbing and getting super drunk. Ever.

Aren’t you all relieved? I thought you might be.

So writing…writing and I are staying friends.

But that still doesn’t give me any motivation to finish a story. Or blog more often.

Oh bother.

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