28 Nov

I have one word for you people.


“Vat ze heck does ZAT mean?” you are probably asking.

ZAT means ‘rebel-slackers.’

That’s what most college students are when it comes to finals week and the dead week before it.

For those of you who don’t know, dead week usually means the week before finals when professors don’t assign homework, in order to allow students a break to study for finals. Here at OKWU, however, it means something quite different.

It means the college students are dead.

If I had any more homework, you could literally bury me alive with it.

Okay, maybe not literally, but pretty darn close!

So a rebel slacker is someone who refuses to do homework when they should, thus rebelling but also slacking off. They’re not entirely one or the other, so they become rebkers.

You followers should get ready for the constant use of that word, because I like it.

Hello, dead week. Goodbye, life.

Let the rebking begin.

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