18 Dec

I can’t decide whether I like this Christmas break or not. I mean, I love not having school, but when I’m not writing paper–or procrastinating on writing papers–I don’t know what to do! I’m caught up on my YouTube subscriptions, I’ve been working a ton, I’ve been reading…that’s really it. I could do with a bit more sleep–seriously, I don’t think I’ll ever catch up on sleep. Not till the day I die.

Then there’s the fact that there are an extra three kids around here now. They’re the little H. kids, and they’re all under 14…which is insane. The youngest is 7, I think. They’re loud, just as kids always are, and they all crammed into the five bedrooms we have in our house. I’m now sharing a room with my little sister–more about that later–and the little kids are above us. If you’ve ever been in a dorm room, just imagine that you’re on the bottom floor with a bunch of stomping people throwing things above you. LOUD.

It’s fun sometimes, of course–never a dull moment. But there’s never really a quiet moment, either, except at 11, once everyone [excluding myself] is in bed. I stay up reading or surfing the internet during those hours. Good times. I start creeping myself out, though, especially since I’m reading a book about the Jack the Ripper murders…let’s just say sometimes I feel like there’s a bald guy staring at me through my windows with a knife in his hand. Eek.

Now, sharing a room has its pro’s and its con’s.

Pro’s: When I get creeped out, I can look over at my sister sleeping peacefully [or not so much peacefully as sleeping HARD] and feel comforted. I know there will always be a light on in my room, since she’s scared of the Cadark, so that when I get home I don’t have to grope blindly around the room for my p.j.s.

Cons: Claire is a…rough…sleeper. Since there isn’t enough room in my bedroom for two twin beds, we’re forced to share my queen bed. Claire moves A LOT when she’s asleep, mostly flailing and, occasionally, talking or walking. Yesterday I’m pretty sure she told me to shut up, but she’s incoherent when she’s asleep, so that’s a guess. She will move when I poke her [usually in the face or neck, cause her reactions to that are fun to watch]. She goes to bed early, so it’s always dark in my room [except for the one light].

So yeah, crazy days at the homestead.

We only have 12 people here. You’d think it would be calm…


So I have this song stuck in my head. It’s called “Nice Guys” and there’s a music video on NigaHiga’s channel, which is this link here. It’s a pretty funny song, and the video is great. I’m thinking about writing a parody to that song in addition to the two that I’m trying hard to do [TSwift’s “Speak Now” and BTR’s “Show Me”]. I’m thinking from a girl’s perspective. Thoughts? I will hopefully start that soon.

Parodies are fun. If you can manage them…otherwise they’re hard, but I’ve been watching WinterSpringPro’s music videos on the Tube, so hopefully I’ll find something. For those of you who don’t know, WSP is a parody band. They sell their songs on iTunes, and have made it pretty big with some of their songs.

Also, I’m thinking about saving up for a camera after I go to Italy in March. I was thinking the Canon t3i, which is a little expensive, but considering how nice it is, I think it’s pretty good. Any camera people out there, I would appreciate your advice on this subject!

Alright, well that’s my rant on break…still not sure whether I like it. I’d probably like it more if I didn’t get woken up every morning by either elephant feet on the stairs from five different little kids or my mom banging on my door…ah well.

Check me out on Keek! It’s pretty awesome. It’s like twitter in video format.

Have a good break! I’ll try to post a couple more times before Christmas.

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