Jack the Ripper.

19 Dec

It became apparent to me this morning when I pulled up my browser that I was going to write another blog post today. What it’s going to be about was a mystery to me then, but now I can tell you, it’s going to be about Jack the Ripper.

Warning: Some of the details and things I’m going to talk about are a little…gross. I thought I was going to have nightmares when I first found this stuff out.

Alright. So I’m reading this book called “The Name of the Star” by Maureen Johnson. It’s really, really good and everything but it’s also a little creepy and, at some points, disgusting. Here’s the thing. It’s about Jack the Ripper, in modern day England, come back to kill more people. Freaky stuff when you’re by yourself in a dark house, but a good read in a well-lit and full house. Like mine.

So Jack the Ripper was a serious threat, back in 1888. People were scared out of their minds that fall. Jack started killing people in August–the 31st, to be exact–and stopped [or disappeared or died or something] in early November. The 9th of November was his last known killing. Two people were killed on September 30th, and one on September 8th. All of his victims except for the first killed on Sept. 30th had their throats cut and their stomachs split. Jack then ‘rearranged’ their intestines, meaning he literally threw their guts over their shoulders. Some over the left shoulder, some the right. All of the victims were the same in which guts went where.

Here’s the creepiest part. After a couple of the murders, someone [an influential person with the ability to get hold of the media] was sent a letter that began “From Hell” and detailed a threat from the Ripper. Enclosed in a box accompanying the letter, however, was half of a human kidney. Half. The letter said that he had eaten the other half, and if the letter didn’t get read, he would go for more, because he was still hungry.

That’s disturbing.

After the final victim, Jack was never heard from again. No one knows why, or what happened to him.

Another creepy part: A lot of people think that the entire Jack the Ripper thing was just a bunch of people pulling jokes. The letter with the kidney might not have been from Jack the Ripper. No one knew his name; Jack the Ripper actually came from another letter, from a different person. The name stuck. Some people think that there was a just a violent crime spree right then and all the criminals took their cues from the other criminals.

We know a couple things for certain, though: Jack the Ripper is one of the handful of serial killers that has never been caught or punished. No one ever solved the case. No one knew/knows who [or what] Jack the Ripper was. And people are still scared at the idea of a serial killer like him coming back, or of another person taking their cue from him. We don’t have a Sherlock Holmes to solve insane mysteries. No Dark Knight to help us.

So yeah, Jack the Ripper scares the daylights out of most people.

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