In A Boat.

11 Jan

Alright, so last week’s blog was kind of a joke. Was that last week?


Monday’s blog. That was it. I would love to go to Dublin, but that will take a couple years to save up for…so next trip, or possibly further down the road.


I heard about this thing called Semester at Sea, which sounds kind of weird at first…glance…? It’s about 3 months on a boat–sounds bad, right? But here’s the cool part; Every time they pull into port [which is quite often] you can go explore. They’re stopping in Dublin [for real] and England and on through Europe and then down the coast of Africa [not sure which side of the coast, east or west]. That’s just the fall trip. The spring one is worldwide, then regional trips over the summer along with a general summer trip. The regional ones sound awesome because they focus on one area and stop everywhere in that area–for example, the Mediterranean one stops in Italy and Greece and Croatia and a couple other places in that general area–possibly Sicily or something like that.

So yeah, sounds amazing. It’s only $22K for the semester, which is kind of expensive, granted, but it’s less than we pay for tuition at my school. So it’s definitely plausible. A little hard to reach but not impossible.

So I”m going to apply for that–the application fee is a little pricey…but it’s amazing.

They even have Marine Biology for my Ninja friend, journalism for Alicat, and African drumming [which just sounds awesome]. They have a ton of awesome-sounding English classes, so…yeah, I’m excited.

You should check it out. Here’s the link.

Have fun looking at that!

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