First Week Back; Already Amazing.

12 Jan

Have you ever had those weeks where you just can’t, for the life of you, get a certain song [sometimes two] out of your head, no matter what you do?

This…this is one of those weeks.The songs stuck in my head are Bills, Bills, Bills and Defying Gravity–and I don’t know the entire song with either. I know the chorus…and that’s about it. That’s kind of worse than knowing the entire song, wouldn’t you say? I do. Then I’m stuck singing/hearing the same parts of a song over and over and over and over again.


So today was my first day being officially authoritative. I’m the assistant director of the school play, which is pretty cool. I think it may take me a while before I start feeling confident enough to actually help direct. For now I’m just making stage business notes on my copy of the script, which is in an official-looking binder.

We got through the first 21 pages of script today, which is really good for us. We’re doing this play called Leaving Iowa, which is really funny and fun to watch [especially since we’re just starting]. One of my suggestions was included in the actions–that was pretty awesome. [shooing the sister, my idea!]

It’s nice knowing that I can tell someone they need to do something and they should do it. I’ve not really been in that kind of situation before, so getting to be kind of ‘in charge’ is really fun. I’m not going to lie…I will probably abuse my power. But I’m sure Denise won’t mind…Heehee.

I started my classes this week. Tuesday was the first official day of class, but really Tuesday and Wednesday were sort of our syllabus days. We didn’t really do a whole lot in class [except for Dr. Mike’s class, in which we used the entire period] besides hand out/read/ask questions about the syllabus and things of the sort. Today and tomorrow are the first ‘class’ class days.Today went pretty well, considering I don’t have a textbook for one class and the other one was talking about some really…strange…writings.

I’m really looking forward to the class with Dr. Mike tomorrow–descriptive linguistics. It’s going to be my hardest class, that’s almost a given, but I think I’ll enjoy it the most. There’s a great group in the class, and I really enjoy the subject [what’s better than learning why the English language is retarded?] and the way Dr. Mike is treating it. His PhD is in linguistics, so I’m planning on my mind being blown by his knowledge pretty much every class period…

This semester, it’s gonna be a good one.

Add a little MORE awesomeness to this week…last night when I was working, I was told by a customer that I was their favorite employee. Never have I been as flattered.



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