From Italy to Local Bookstores.

14 Jan

Man. So far this week I’m completely on top of blogging. Who knew.

So today was our first meeting for the trip I’m taking to Italy in March. I’m really excited for this [insanely excited, actually]. Dr Jarmola, the teacher who is taking the group to Italy, pretty much told me I was the reason he decided on Venice. I practically begged him to do Venice instead of or in addition to Rome. We will be going to Venice, Florence, and London. I’m most excited for Venice, but London is number two on my list-of-places-to-go, so I feel like I’m knocking out two birds with one stone.

We have a couple of completely free days, basically one in each place, and the people that I’m going with [about half of them I actually know] decided that one of the days we’ll probably make a day trip to Rome [because it’s apparently about two hours from Florence] and then on the London day, I will probably wander around, get hopelessly lost, and enjoy every moment of it.

You know. Typical me.

I already asked off one of my jobs for that trip. That’s how excited I am. Getting the syllabus and schedule today…excitement is now the biggest understatement you can imagine. Seriously.

I also worked last night [roughly 10.30 to 1.30] and then went to bed around 3. I got up at about nine for breakfast with Ali, which was early, but worth it. Two cups of coffee later, I’m mostly coherent most of the time.

I also had someone tell me that everyone and their refrigerator tried to text him. That…was pretty stinkin’ funny, especially to my sleep-deprived brain. Make me laugh today, people. It’s easy, I promise.

I’ve been taking Fred everywhere with me lately. I took him to my classes all day yesterday and Thursday. I don’t think he learned a whole lot–he just had this kind of blank stare–but he had fun, I know he did. He also protected my car while I was working a couple different times. What a good friend my giraffe animagus is.

So that’s been my last couple days…

Now I have a couple questions for you guys…

The ville needs a new bookstore–agree or disagree? If there was a bookstore besides Hastings, would you go to the store or to Hastings? What would make you want to go to a bookstore? What would make your bookstore experience awesome? Is having a coffee shop inside a bookstore something you like, or no?

And, last but not least…what’s a good name for a bookstore?

I really need some insight and suggestions, so anything you guys can suggest would be helpful. If everyone who reads this leaves one comment, that would be amazing.

Thanks everyone!

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