19 Jan

I’ve been watching this TV show lately called Switched at Birth. The first time I saw commercials for it, I thought it looked over-dramatic and a little lame. Now that I’m actually watching it, however, I am really, really enjoying it. It’s obviously about two people switched at birth, but it’s a lot deeper than that [as if the emotions that would result from that terrible situation aren’t enough to fuel an entire show]. One of the girls is deaf, the other is in a rich and privileged family. The people around them are nearly as important as the main characters themselves.

The deaf girl, Daphne, and her friends show such a huge part of American culture that we just skip over most of the time. Deaf culture, if you didn’t know, is something that you could definitely get culture shock from–a whole different language, different ideals, and yet people as normal as you and me.

I’m really loving watching this show, not just because it’s interesting, but because I’m learning a lot of signs that I didn’t know before–you know, words, instead of just random letters. Instead of spelling out’later’, I can now sign it. It saves time, and I hope to eventually be a really good [if not fluent] signer. I think it would be beyond interesting to get into the deaf culture and try to see what their world is like.

So beyond that, I’m also learning about our own language, the ridiculous thing we call American English [if not just English in general]. It’s ridiculously complex–which is why having the IPA, or phonetic alphabet, is wonderful. You can literally spell words the way they sound. Each sound has its own symbol instead of each letter. That way, you can look at a word spelled phonetically and know exactly how to pronounce it. It’s really an awesome thing.

Obviously, no one has responded to me recent tweets about what I should blog about…

No one’s been commenting here, either…

So I need your help. Comment below and tweet that you commented. Mention me [@flowersilky] and I’ll tweet back and [if you ask a question] comment back. Then tell everyone to check out this blog and tell them that if they comment and tweet, I’ll do the same. Can you do that?

Brownie points from me if you do…and as I decided yesterday, once anyone reaches 500 brownie points, I will actually make them brownies. So get commenting and tweeting, people!


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3 responses to “Language.

  1. mdrothfuss

    January 19, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    How many brownie points do I get for commenting? Oh and can we learn sign language together?

  2. waitingondarcy

    January 19, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    @mdrothfuss I won’t tell. I just keep track. That way, it’s a surprise when you get your brownies.
    And of course. Start learning random words…or piecing words together to make conversation. That’s what we’re doing.

  3. mdrothfuss

    January 19, 2012 at 5:52 pm

    Okay well tonight I plan on learning to sign these phrases…”I like cheese.”, “Where’s the bathroom?”, and “Do you have any pickles?” Why you ask? Because these are the three phrases I think could look quite interesting when using hand motions to talk.


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