Hunger 2.

03 Feb

As I promised, the Hunger Games part 2 will include information about the 75th Games, which is part of Catching Fire [the second book]. So, if you haven’t read the book yet, I would suggest either not reading this or not reading very attentively. Sorry.

Remember that you can pull up the first post about the Hunger Games to remind yourself which district is which. I’m just going to put a list of the people in it, and if I think of it, I might also mention why they’re either awesome or turds.

See the note at the bottom about why this Games was special [and why Peeta and Katniss are in it again].

District One: Gloss [m] and Cashmere [f]. Turds. Seriously, these guys…nothing good ever comes from the first three districts.

D2: Brutus [m] and Enobaria [f]. Brutus is like a retired football player who can’t wait to get back in the game–which is just plain creepy for the games. Enobaria is a beast and freaks me out a little. Read the book and find out why.

D3: Beetee [m] and Wiress [f]. Okay, I lied, something good does come out of the the third district. I loved these guys–even though they were slightly beyond eccentric.

D4: Finnick Odair [m] and Mags [f]. Definitely the coolest person: Finnick. Omgosh. Mags is pretty stinking awesome, too.

D5: Unnamed male and female. Not a lot known, but they were stupid either way.

D6: The Morphlings. These guys were serious druggies. Very weird.

D7: Blight [m] and Johanna Mason [f]. Not a lot about Blight–I get the feeling he was a jerk. Johanna is freaky.

D8: Woof [m] and Cecelia [f]. What a weird name–Woof. Cecelia is well-known before the games.

D9: Unnamed. Not really important, either.

D10: Unnamed. Apparently looked like cows cooking themselves at the ceremony before the Games.

D11: Chaff [m] and Seeder [f]. Seeder and Katniss are friends because of Katniss’ connection to a former D11 competitor [spoiler: Rue]. Seeder is said to have won her games by out-starving the others–she was apparently used to not eating a whole lot.

D12: Peeta [m] and Katniss [f]. Obviously and easily the coolest. Although…Finnick and his ego do come in a close second.

So in case you didn’t figure it out already, the 75th Games did something that no one wanted to see happen: It pulled competitors from the victor’s pool, meaning people who had already won. Before these Games, it would have been a given that anyone who won a Games would never have to compete again–but this is called the Quarter Quell [technically, the third] because it’s the 75th, and they have ‘special rules’. The second Quarter Quell involved TWICE as many kids, which was horrible, and that’s when Haymitch [the mentor for Peeta and Katniss during the 74th Games] won his Games. That’s right. He outlasted/killed/watched 23 other kids die..

Oh, didn’t I mention that?

The Hunger Games is literally a fight to the death.

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  1. Grace

    February 3, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    Beetee is too cool… and too weird at the same time, haha. Haha, the name really fits his character..


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