29 Feb

I have to wonder, sometimes, if you’re like me.

Do you make lists? Do you go all OCD when you’re stressed? Do you have to read before you go to bed in order to turn your mind off? Does it usually not work?

Because…I do.

Lately, I’ve become ‘one of those people’ when it comes to lists.

I swear. It was hard walking into Walmart the other day without my shopping list [which…I left in my dorm…]

So here’s the slightly shortened [or what I like to call sweetened condensed] list for my trip abroad over spring break:

1. Visit Venice. This one’s obvious if you know me. It’s also handy that this trip just happens to include Venice…I can’t wait.

2. Take a gondola ride. This might end up being expensive, so if I can’t take a gondola ride I’m at least going to goggle. Serious staring.

3. See the Duomo in Florence. Epic building, super famous, sure why not.

4. Do some major shopping [in all the places]. I plan to buy very few things, but one of the things on my list is a Venetian mask. It could look like this or maybe even possibly like this. Or something completely different like this. Or not.

5. Go see a million and one plays in London. I think I have about five on my list for this. Yes. I have a list based on a list.

So now I have to start my what-should-I-take-with-me list. I think this particular list might end up being a little long…which isn’t good, because I need to NOT bring a lot of stuff like I usually do when I travel. Although, you know, it’s been almost five years since I traveled internationally…

Gosh. I hope I don’t forget my passport.

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One response to “List[s].

  1. thescargirl

    February 29, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    Molly my dear, I have been like this my entire life. I use (awesome site) just to make random lists of anything in order for my mind to categorize things. I am a list freak. I have lists of my lists of my lists. I am a list geek.


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