The Case for Travel.

02 Apr

Oh, hey, WordPress world…Long time no write…sorry about that. New leaf.

I just wanted to make a short post to let you all know that I’m still alive. Yes, hi, I’m here, I’m not dead, good, great, moving on.

Ha. You thought that was all it was, didn’t you? I wouldn’t waste a post just on that.

No, my friends, there’s more.

My last post was about my wonderful trip to Florence, Venice, and London. I promised you I’d write more about it–and I will, but not today. Today I just wanted to say this:

If you ever have the opportunity to travel, do it. It matters very little where you are travelling to, just so long as you travel. People think of Americans as stupid, loud, obnoxious, and oblivious. While that’s not always a false assumption, it can be. Isn’t that sad–that that can be true?

Travelling gives you a view of a culture not your own. It gives you life experience. It broadens your horizons, as cliche and cheesy as that sounds. It helps you to understand a piece of this world beyond yourself, beyond what you think of as ‘normal’ and it helps you get to know another people group.

Travelling is definitely changing me. I now understand why people call Americans loud. I know the cultural differences between Italy and England, and I appreciate the little things we have in America, like to-go cups, that aren’t present in Italy [not kidding, they don’t have to-go cups]. I marveled at the lack of ‘smoking’ rooms and buildings abroad and wished we didn’t have to have them, either. I found it incredible that children could run around without parents, because the environment was friendlier, the people less likely to run off with a child. I was jealous of them, sometimes. I was glad to be back in America, in my own bed, but I missed that culture when I was gone.

I grew. I gained knowledge. I experienced another world.

And you can bet I’m going back.

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