10 Apr

I have decided that, to a teenager or young adult, a quarter is the most valuable change. Yes, I know, it actually IS the most valuable change, but think about beyond monetary value.

A quarter is that much closer to a dollar, which is that much closer to a drink at the local campus coffee shop. Or it’s a fourth of a snack from the vending machine on the way to the longest, most boring class that you can’t skip. Or it’s even that little bit more you need to pay for the next concert you go to or the next time you fill up your gas tank.

People throw away pennies. Ever see someone throw away a quarter? Not so much. They’re just more awesome all around. Pennies, if you save enough of them [and you DO see enough of them] can be valuable. If you take a jar full of pennies in to the bank, you’ll get quite a good amount back. But quarters? Quarters pay for life-saving Sonic drinks on hot days. They pay for game machines when you go bowling with the rest of your hall or your parents. They will buy you a precious coffee from QT at midnight when you have a paper due the next day.

Heck, sometimes quarters are the things that can change a game–a comeback in the last quarter. That one small glimmer of hope that someone finds at the last second is invaluable.

Quarters. Think about it.

So here’s what I propose about these bits of gold [or silver. Or fake silver. Or that weird metal they use now].

Remember that saying ‘penny for your thoughts’? I don’t like that phrase much.

Or ‘that’s my two cents’? Not a fan of that one, either.

Instead of saying those, why don’t we say ‘Quarter for your thoughts’ and ‘that’s my quarter’s worth’?

I feel like what you or I have to say is worth a lot more than a dollar. You may not share that opinion [about what I have to say. I guarantee that you think your words are worth more than a penny], but I seriously think we should using those phrases.

Pennies are, to today’s world, worthless. So why do we compare what people have to say to worthless things? That seems very wrong and hateful and narcissistic to me.

What’s your quarter’s worth?

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  1. suchmeagerinsight

    May 24, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    I think you’re right. Words are worth a lot me than we ever give them credit. However, when you think about those phrases – pennies and such – they have historical value. A penny from 2009 is worth exactly one cent, but a penny from 1776? That can be priceless. My “two cents” yesterday may fall unnoticed in the back of someone’s memory, but what Mark Twain or Winston Churchill had said as their “two cents” would send historians into a frenzied search. I agree, our words should be valued. We should not discount anything we have to say. But, aside from cars, we should also remember that value always increases with time. 🙂


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