Journeys. My Favorites.

28 Feb

Guys, I’m keeping my promise to you.

Look! It’s the next month and I’m posting! We’re not going to mention the fact that it’s very nearly ^not^ the next month. That is 100% beside the point.

So here’s the deal. I leave for Europe [again] in twenty days!

I’m going to be visiting London (England), Istanbul (Turkey), and Athens (Greece)! I’m so excited. It’s going to be 100% tourist and I’m going to take a million pictures. Count on that. I plan to bring back a ton of tea [I love me some tea, guys] and I’m hoping to catch a play in London. I really don’t think I could be much more excited for this trip than I am at this moment.

Well, maybe a little.

It’s been a long month. February was the month of break-ups at my school [not that I was one of those break-ups; you need a boyfriend for that] and I had a couple friends who needed some serious comforting. So I was doing that while working on some major projects and papers for school. It’s my last semester, and it’s seriously like my teachers know I’m not going to be here much longer and so are trying to give me as much as they can so that when I get out of school I won’t just instantly go back to being stupid. Or something.

I had TWO fifteen page documentary scripts due this past week. That took about five hours [I’m an English major for a reason; I can whip out papers like nobody’s business], but the research to actually get to the writing point was brutal and took way too much time. I also had to write a paper over Ezra Pound’s poems. That guy was a pompous jerk, in my opinion. Great poet, but he sincerely believed he was the best there’s ever been or ever was going to be. I mean. Really.

But a lot of the authors we’re talking about in my American Lit class were actually expatriates–they spent a significant chunk of their lives in Europe. That just gets me that much more excited for going to where these people lived and wrote. I hope to do some hardcore journaling while I’m there so I can come back and either 1. Write a fantastic novel set in Europe or 2. Write a phenomenal poem about something European-esque. Or both. Or you know, whatever.


I’m going to go find my camera’s charger…lost that thing about six months ago and I’m starting to panic about getting ready for yeah, I’m going to go obsess about all that good stuff now.

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