Living At Home.

09 Jul

When I graduated college, I was expecting to move to some big city and start working for some company that would pay me more money than I’ve ever been paid before.

Well, reality hit about three weeks before graduation; I didn’t have a job, I had no money [and, in fact, owed other people money], and the only place i could stay was, you guessed it, with my parents.

So now I live at home with my family and I just wanted to share some of the best and worst parts of this with you. The pros and cons of living at home.


  1. Home-cooked food is so much better than anything I could make. Unfortunately, I’m still a pretty rubbish cook. I have tried a few things and it’s not that they don’t taste good, it’s just that a) cooking takes forever, b) I hate cleaning dinner up, and c) my mom’s cooking is just so much better. Seriously, I’m convinces freshman fifteen has nothing on Graduation Gain.
  2. Your parents will probably pay for family outings, lunch with mom once every couple of weeks, the occasional coffee-date, and, if you’re super lucky, things like insurance, expenses, and the occasional tank of gas when you’re broke and payday isn’t for another five days.
  3. You get to sleep in your own bed. Let’s face it, new mattresses are nice and comfy, but they’re not ‘your’ bed until you get used to them or have them long enough that they’re lumpy in all the right places. When you were in college or when you went on vacation, there was nothing quite like coming home to your own bed, your own sheets, your own perfectly lumpy pillow.
  4. Free wi-fi is always nice. I do like to occasionally go out to get coffee and use whatever internet I can find there, but being able to sit at home, use wi-fi, and not have to pay for it is wonderful. Another addition to this is your parents probably pay for your phone plan. If your parents are anything like mine, it’s cheaper if you’re on the family plan so you might as well stay there.
  5. Your parents probably make coffee/breakfast in the morning, meaning if you’re running late you can just zoom through the kitchen, pour a cuppa, grab someone else’s fresh toast, and fly out the door. I know I’ve done this several times. I’m a pro at stealing people’s breakfasts because “I’m late and they still have time to make something”. It’s just handy.


  1. No chance of sleeping in. One of these things may happen to you on a given Saturday morning. A) Your dad wakes you up because it’s 10am and you’re a bum. B) Your sisters/brothers run screaming past your almost-closed door at 8 in the morning, effectively scaring the poop out of you and ensuring you won’t be able to get back to sleep. Ever. C) It’s apparently National Cleaning Day and you’re woken up at 7 so you can clean your bathroom before your relatives get to town–next week.
  2. If family visits, you’re the one on the couch. Because you’re technically a ‘renter’ for a while, if your grandparents come visit, they get your room and you have to either sleep on the couch, the floor, or your little sister’s bed, which is probably a foot too short for you.
  3. No comfort food or binge eating goes unnoticed. Because you have to empty your trash can at some point, your mother will probably notice the wrappers, cookie trays, or chip bags in your trash. Then she will proceed to lecture you about being more healthy and not eating crap that’s just going to give you cancer and make you die in fifteen years.
  4. Everyone is in bed before 10. This wouldn’t be weird if you hadn’t just spent four years living in a dorm surrounded by the loudest age group on the planet–college students are known for being particularly noisy at night, and suddenly it’s quiet at home and only ten pm. It’s weird. It’s almost scary. And you’ll probably be awake for another four hours because it’s just too quiet to sleep. Also, now you can’t listen to your music because you will wake the entire house.
  5. Your parents know your schedule and ride you about getting a job, getting another job, getting up, being productive, etc. Let’s face it, everyone’s parents can be naggy. Whether they’re telling you you’re making poor life choices or just reminding you for the eighth time in three days that you need a job, having parents around telling you what to do when you’re a twenty-something is just kind of irritating. As much as you love them, sometimes they just get under your skin.

I love my family. I do. I love living at home most of the time. But living with your family can be a challenge. So think of it this way; pretty soon, you’ll be moving out and then you’ll be your own parent. Scared? You’ll have to buy food, plan meals, eat healthy, run your own life, and you won’t have your parents there 24/7 to help you when you have a flat or don’t know if that chicken you’re cooking is done all the way through.

Don’t be too eager to move out; enjoy what you have right now.


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