7 Reasons Why I’m Not A Grown-Up.

18 Jul

Lately I’ve been noticing this one thing. I’m apparently growing up, because I’m starting to think about things like money, housing, bills, loans (worst. ever.), car payments, and grocery money. Putting gas in my car is not something I ever look forward to, but now it’s even harder. I just don’t have money, time, knowledge, ability, etc., and that kind of scares me. 

So here’s what I’ve been trying to focus on instead; I’m not really old enough to be a grownup. I’m still a little kid–definitely kid at heart, anyway. And then I started thinking harder about that, and I realized there are some very legitimate reasons that I’m not a grownup and am, in fact, a kid. So here they are.

  1. Gummy vitamins are the best. Given the choice between the horse pills that are, in fact, actually good for you, and the gummy vitamins that don’t really have that much nutritional value, I’d go with gummies every time. No contest.
  2. I’d prefer juice to coffee with my breakfast most mornings. Don’t get me wrong, there are some mornings when I feel as though if I don’t have my coffee I might pass out on the way to work. But most of the time, I just want a glass of grape juice. It’s so delicious. Mmm.
  3. Playgrounds sound like so much fun. Every time I pass the Sonic in town, I stare wistfully at the okay-set they have and wish I wasn’t too tall to use it. If I could just go down that metal slide one more time [and wear jeans, not shorts. ouch.] or if I could get on one of those animals on a spring…without breaking my neck. But alas.
  4. I buy phones and computers based on the games they have. My current phone doesn’t have any games on it. Consequently, it’s almost never dead. My iPod has apps. It’s always dead. You do the math [ps, I hate my phone].
  5. Tents and forts make me feel safe and happy. My little sister built a blanket fort in our living room and it’s so cool. We spent an hour playing Jenga in there just yesterday. I felt like a little kid and I was so happy to feel that way. Also, bonus points if it’s raining. Then you feel super-guarded.
  6. I love me some naps. Let me rephrase this. I love sleeping. I like to sleep in, I like to take mid-day naps, I like to lounge. One thing I don’t like? I don’t like actually going to bed. That, at least, has not changed since I was little.
  7. Disney movies are the best things. Ever. Give me a Disney movie [preferably an animated one] and I’m just like a six-year-old; absolutely entertained for the next two hours. Plus, I’m a walking quote book, so once a Disney movie is in my head, there’s no getting it out. Oh yes.

You know, being a little kid is pretty fun.

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