Gravity Just Loves Me.

16 Aug

You know, I honestly think there was a small part of me that believed I wouldn’t make it out of college alive.

I seriously have thought at times that it’s a miracle I’m alive. I’m quite possibly the most accident-prone, clumsy person you’ll ever meet. I use excuses like I’m too tall, my feet are too small, I grew too fast, that sort of thing, but honestly…

The walls and floor just love me and want me too much.

If it hadn’t been for family and friends, I can guarantee that I would have been dead several times over by now–and let’s be real, so would have several other people I don’t know [but nearly ran over].

So the fact that I actually did finish school and am somehow managing to get by is a bit of a miracle. I’d like to say the world likes me too much, but really? I just have good friends and they keep me from falling into shark tanks and snake nests and mean people’s laps. That’s all it is, really.

I think that fact is what makes being out of school and not returning in the fall so surreal. Or at least, I think that’s what it is. That, and the fact that most of the people I talk to are still in school. Not being around them is going to be very strange.

I thought about master’s school. In fact, I’m planning on it right now, but I have to take the GRE first [and pass] and then apply and get transcripts and financial aid and all those little minor details…the minor details that determine my future. Not a big deal, guys.

I have sixteen years of experience in learning, and people expect me to just stop learning? I don’t think so.

Plus, let’s be honest with each other; who actually wants a full-time job? The ideal life is a part-time job [or, really, no job] with full-time pay and benefits. Nobody wants to go from sixteen years of getting summer break, spring break, fall break, winter break, and holidays to having to work year-round with one week of vacation [or whatever] and have to watch all their college friends on epic adventures for break. No thanks.

So school is definitely still in my future, I think. I mean, if I’m really supposed to be dead by the time I finish school, then I’m obviously not done with that part of my life. Might as well give it time to happen, you know?

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