Crafty Craftinesses.

20 Aug

I’ve been feeling a tad craftsy lately.

Not that this is anything new…I mean, I crochet in my spare time. So there’s that.

But lately I’ve been getting more into paint, canvas, abstracts, things of that nature. I’ve just gotten a tad bit of inspiration and run wild with that.

So I wanted to share a little of what I’ve been up to with you.

First, I made a ‘picture’ for my friend. She told me that one of her favorite words is ‘soar’ [there’s a story to that, but basically it’s in relation to Isaiah 40:31; soar on wings like eagles], so I decided to use one of the cheap-o depot canvases I bought with my awesome friend Ali and make Krista a ‘picture’. I say picture with quote marks because, honestly, it wasn’t really a picture of anything. But still.

So I used some tempera paints [I’d suggest acrylic if you want to try this; it’s thicker and nicer] and some of the foam sticker letters [my little sister has a ton of them]. First, I picked out the letters I wanted to use and placed them on the canvas just to be sure I liked the layout. I picked out some paint colors and lined them up next to the canvas in the pattern I was aiming for.

I wish I had pictures of this process…next time. Next time.

Then I actually stuck the stickers onto the canvas. They didn’t stick very well, which was reassuring, because I wanted them to come off when I was done painting, but that meant I did have to kind of hold them down onto the board when I painted around them.

So I basically just painted around/over the letters with the colors I’d picked out in such a way that later, when it dried a little, I could just peel off the stickers and voila! the word I’d spelled out was white in the middle of a row of colors.

I made one for myself that you can see here. When it was dry, I took a sharpie and wrote Bible verse references around the outside of the frame. I tried to find verses that directly related to what I’d put on the canvas. For example, mine had Proverbs 16:9 written on the top and a couple others on the sides.

Next one of these I do, I want to make look like a sunset–but I want to paint where the letters will be first, that way it won’t be just white when I peel them off. For example, on mine I would’ve liked the letters to be bright yellow instead of plain white. I still like the way it turned out, and painting the letter space first would’ve taken a bit longer, but I think it would look pretty cool.

So there’s my craftiness for the day. I’ll try to get some pictures of the process next time I make one, but until then you’ll just have to put up with a smallish picture of the finished product.

I’d love to get some more craftiness going, so if you have something you’ve wanted to try or see done, please let me know! I’ve got nothing but time on my hands, and I’d really like to do something productive with that time.

I’ll also add some pictures of my crayon art attempts [I say attempts because I kind of failed] soon.

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