Trendin’ Tuesday: Mad Miley.

08 Oct

Welcome to Trendin’ Tuesdays, the *brand-spanking-new* idea I had [well, Alexander had, actually…] for regular blog posts!

*I may not do this every Tuesday.

So, as I’m sure you know, Twitter is extremely popular these days. News, socializing, and food pictures all go through Twitter at some point, and it’s quickly becoming one of our nation’s biggest media/social platforms. Because of this and because of the ridiculous things that have been happening in our world lately, I decided to take Alexander’s suggestion and pick a topic based on Twitter feeds.

Now, Twitter has this handy tool that records most popular topics, or the ‘trending’ topics, and displays the top 10 for all to see. Lately, the top 10 is something I largely ignore, but Alexander suggested that I pick a topic from the Trending 10 and write…well, a rant, basically…on that particular topic. And so, I shall.

The past few weeks, a staple in the top 10 has been the “Queen of Pop culture”; Miley Cyrus.

Oh boy. Brace yourselves.

So listen, Miley. It’s great that you’re apparently standing for something [though what, exactly, you’re standing for, I honestly don’t know]. It’s just…well…pick something else. Whatever it is you’re trying to do, you’re going the wrong direction.

The influence Miley Cyrus and her music is having on both my generation and the younger teenage group is astounding. “Can’t Stop” has become everyone’s favorite party song, and “Wrecking Ball” [while a decent song] has become a viral video even though I consider it basically porn. The themes in these songs–and her upcoming album, named ‘Bangerz’ [there’s a hint into her psychological issues, right there]–is the wrong theme.

Her influence is so widespread. Her videos and songs talk about drinking, partying, swearing, other nasty horrible no-good things I don’t want to talk about on here, and kids listen to the songs–and they do what the songs say to. “Just remember only God can judge you” may be a true statement, but remember that he is a fierce judge and he will, someday, judge you. If Miley says to go buy some shoes because she likes them, people do. If she says to drink a certain brand of alcohol, people do their best to get their hands on it.

Imagine if Miley Cyrus said ‘help people in human trafficking,’ or, ‘donate time, money, or food to the homeless,’ or, ‘DON’T do drugs.’ What would happen if the messages in her songs were positive, uplifting, wholesome, and morally grounded? What would happen if she started living in an upright manner, beyond reproach? Can you imagine the change we would see in teenagers, tweens, and eventually culture itself? It would be amazing.

But as the saying goes, Sex Sells, and Miley knows this all too well. She is selling herself, and in doing so, the movement she has started is seriously affecting our culture. I’m not saying she’s the only one who is doing this–there are unfortunately many others–but if one person starts a movement that goes against the grain, what would follow? Would we get tidal waves? Tsunamis? Would we get change?

I think we would.

Alright, rant over. I’d love to hear what you think of pop culture or what topic you’d like a rant on next time I do Trending Tuesdays–or even what you think of what I think about pop culture.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, and stay away from Twitter. It…does things to people…

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