Resolved: A New Year.

04 Jan

Happy new year, everyone!

I thought I’d start the new off right [and yes, I know it’s the 4th already so it’s now actually starting] and let you know some of my New Year’s Resolutions. Accountability is the best way to keep yourself on track, right? So I’m going to tell the internet about my resolutions. Logic.

One of my biggest resolutions–the one that will probably take the most unwavering devotion–is to read the entire Bible all the way through before the year is over. This one is going to take all year, and I’m really hoping I will be able to follow through with it.

Another resolution is to read one non-fiction book for every three fiction books I read. I obviously read a lot of fiction; you can tell that if you’ve read pretty much any of my previous blogs, but I’m really bad about reading non-fiction. I probably read one or two non-fiction books a year. So by making myself take a break after every three fiction books and reading something more serious, I’m hoping I will learn not only to enjoy non-fiction but also that I will actually learn something.

I have decided that it’s time I actually do what I’ve been attempting to do for years; I am going to learn the basics of a foreign language this year. This one, I think, shouldn’t be too hard; I already have a couple Italian language books, and I know some get-around-words [like ‘where’ and ‘hello’].

If you’re friends with me on Pinterest, you have probably realized that I have two boards which should be huge but are nearly empty; my DIY board and my ‘I have to COOK??’ board. One of my resolutions is to do something artsy/craftsy every week; another is to learn either to cook well or at least to learn to enjoy cooking. I have fun cooking, I suppose, but I think of it more as a chore than a creative endeavor right now. By doing something craftsy every week, I hope to become either a jack of all crafties or a master of one. By forcing myself to cook, I figure I’ll either grow to enjoy it or get fairly good at it. I’m hoping both.

If you have suggestions for crafty things I can do every week, a simple meal I could try, or anything like that, I’d like to hear it!

What are some of your resolutions? Anything like mine?

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