A Smart New World.

20 Feb

Welcome to the 21st century, I guess…

I just got a smart phone [yeah, JUST NOW] and guys, they aren’t kidding when they say there’s an app for everything.

Unfortunately, there’s not one to make my bed. Or fix my teeth without hassle or fuss. Or correct my car’s issues with…well…everything.

It’s funny that we’ve come to far into the ‘future’ and into a time that we used to think of as the space age, and yet the things we thought would be automatic or could be made easier with technology are the things that we still haven’t figured out how to do better than we did then.

We have incredibly advanced phones. We can call anywhere in the world and find an app that will find us a boyfriend.

But our cars don’t fly, our lifetimes can’t be drawn out into hundreds of years, and there’s still not an app that will pick our noses for us.

What is this.

I, for one, am very disappointed. When I watched the Jetsons growing up [which was not often but still happened], I was so excited for flying cars. I wanted them to make that little whistle noise and everything. I wanted a robot who folded my clothes [I still have problems with this] and made my bed [which doesn’t happen. Ask my mom. Hi mom]. I wanted a moving sidewalk in my house’s entryway and a tube that would suck my into a labyrinth and drop me off directly where I needed to be [I still want all of these things].

Instead, I have a phone that can locate my friends, buy coffee, answer jokes, play music, get me un-lost [this is by far the most helpful thing about a smartphone] and, on top of that, can actually call, text, and even email people.

What a strange future it is we call our present.

I look forward to having all these things accessible by using contacts with smart chips in them.

Get on it, corporate tech-people.

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