I’m a Real Writer Now.

17 Mar

I started working at my local newspaper recently, which means that I actually read the newspaper now. I kind of sort of actually know what’s going on in the world. I kind of sort of know how to write in such a way that I can inform people of the same things that I’m learning about.

I’ve also been discovering lately that I really enjoy reading and writing writing something columns. Not like a political commentary column, mind you; I don’t know nearly enough about politics to comment on that. I see myself more like a current-events, movie-review, pop-culture kind of funny columnist.

Because here’s the deal: I like to laugh at myself. I feel a little better about myself when I can laugh at myself, and if I can make other people laugh in the same way, well, then, that’s a good day. Self-depreciating humor is a dish best shared, I’ve always found.

Plus, if you just make fun of yourself to yourself, you end up looking either crazy or depressed. And sometimes both.

So I have decided to make a couple changes to my blog.

I know, I know, “that blog that you don’t ever update anyway?” Yes, that blog. This blog.

This blog is, experimentally, my column. I will be writing on it as regularly as possible [no promises on dates and days and weeks this time] and I will try my very best to make it sound like a column.

I plan to do a couple movie reviews, some books reviews, maybe a T.V. show post, include some different pop-culture things, and maybe even talk a teensy little bit about politics.

WARNING: If you are super knowledgeable on politics, I would suggest avoiding anything on my blog that talks politics. Just as a general rule.

For those of you who have seen the movie Marley & Me, my goal is to write a column similar to something I think John would write, but add a little more outside influence and minus the dog [because I don’t have a puppy and our current dog is really not that entertaining, nor am I married, have kids, etc.]. You get the point, anyway. Or I hope you do.

If you don’t you might get it after I actually start this project of mine.

Hopefully I will, too.

My next post will probably a little bit less like a column, though, because I really want to do a general suggestion list [I do love lists] with my top favorite TV shows.

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