20-Something Friends.

29 Mar

One of the most difficult things about living in a small town like the Ville–which is home to a college–is meeting other like-minded 20-somethings. This town, unlike most ‘college towns’ is not primarily a college town, it’s primarily a professionals town. ConocoPhillips and Phillips 66 both have offices in the area, and sometimes it seems like there are more high-school students than young professionals.

During college, there were people my age all over the place–which is to be expected when you live on campus. The second I graduated and all my friends moved out of state, though, I realized: I have approximately three friends my own age in the area. Two of them I barely see because they have ridiculous or bizarre work schedules, and the other I’m going to be sharing a house with soon (Kelly). But beyond that, I really don’t know or hang out with many people my age.

My friend, Krista, who is currently working overseas, introduced me to an awesome little Bible study group in the area. I met a lot of people there–or at least I know their names. The problem is, a lot of the people who go to the Bible study all go to the same church or work together (or, in most cases, both), meaning I’m a bit of an outsider because 1. I don’t go to the same church, 2. I don’t work for Conoco or Phillips, and 3. I’m a bit of an introvert, especially around larger groups.

So making friends there is hard.

A lot of my other friends in the area are a couple years younger than me, or they live an hour or more away.

So someone please tell me…how do I meet more people my age? I live in a coffee shop on the weekends and work during the week. Seems like eventually I would run into someone.

I guess I actually have managed to meet someone my age in the area who is not part of any of the previously mentioned, but I feel like it doesn’t count…I met her because I had to interview her for an article I was writing. I really wasn’t expecting to get a friend out of the interview, but I did.

Maybe I should go to more interviews…

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One response to “20-Something Friends.

  1. suchmeagerinsight

    March 30, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    Yes! Do more interviews! That being said, I was going to try to give you some sort of advice, but I’ve not been very successful in the “new friend” department either. So, until we both figure it out for real, keep your head up and smile at the world! (And don’t wear plaid and tribal prints together. It’s garish.[And if you’ve already done so, well, please don’t do it again.])


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