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07 Apr

WARNING: This blog will have lots of links. Some will be to other posts I’ve written; some will be to external sources. No spam or phishing, though, I promise.

In the past, I have done several different blogs about my favorites; favorite books, favorite classic books, favorite places to go to get on the internet, favorite people, favorite things to do in a small town, and favorite things about living at home, to name a few.

So I was thinking…why not do a favorite blogs post? Yes, I’ve done a something regarding favorite internet places, but what if I did something not about random places to waste time and socialize, but places where I read encouraging messages, people whose blogs I have sent to my email because I’m so anxious to read them?

So here it goes. My top six blogs.

  1. Allison Vesterfelt. Allison’s blog is one of the things I look forward to reading most in the morning. She releases an almost daily blog post, and every time, they’re insightful, clever, witty, and so honest. Allison is also the author of the book Packing Light; Thoughts on Living Life with Less Baggage. I’m currently reading the book and I love it. I want to sell everything, jump in a car (not mine; it wouldn’t make it to Kansas at this point), grab a friend, and road trip around all the states. The adventure in the book is brilliantly coupled with real life lessons Allison learned from her trip, as well as reflections upon returning and things she wished she’d known. It’s funny, sad, and I can’t wait to finish it.
  2. Paul Angone’s All Groan Up. This blog I’ve been following for quite a while now. Paul is the author of 101 Secrets for Your Twenties and if you haven’t read this book, yes I have a copy and yes you can borrow it. Or better yet, buy yourself a copy. It’s worth it. Paul is funny and talks about some of the most obvious 20-something problems in a way that makes them seem like the common cold; yes, it’s a real issue, but it’s preventable and really not that big a deal in the long run. I also have his posts sent to my email and they’re always eye-openers and, most of the time, there’s an a-HA moment in the post.
  3. Jamie the Very Worst Missionary. Not going to lie to you, I just found this post recently, but it was so funny I almost burst out laughing in public, which is something I swore I’d never do. So embarrassing. Her posts are roughly 60% humor, 30% honest Christian truth, and 10% absolutely brilliant writing. She is hilarious while blatantly honest (maybe that’s what makes it so funny?) and knows how to keep your attention. Again, not going to lie, I almost didn’t read the post I found by her; it was kinda long and I didn’t really have all minute. But once I started reading, I couldn’t stop till I got to the end of the post, at which point I had one of those “that’s it?” reactions that people just hate to love.
  4. Relevant Magazine. Right, so that’s not exactly a blog…but it does have a blog in it. And articles published online are technically blogs, right? Relevant Magazine is a Christian magazine with contribution from all over. They don’t focus on any one thing, but rather report on everything, like a normal magazine, with the lens of a Christian living in a mostly secular world. The articles always include, not a Christian bias, but a Christian undertone that is very compelling. I love to check the website every now and again and also get periodic emails from them. It’s definitely a good source for a variety of news screened through Christian lenses.’
  5. Such Meager Insight. This is my friend Elizabeth’s blog. I love reading her blog and even though she doesn’t post a ton I’m always glad to see a new post in my inbox. I went to school with Elizabeth and her insight into not just the educational system but also life in general is beautiful. Some of her posts wane poetic; others are analytical or informational. I learned a lot about school systems and teaching and humility from this girl’s insights–meager though she claims it to be. Though she’s not a big-time blogger, I still consider this blog to be top notch.
  6. The Knitting Goddess. Oh geez ma’am. I always get a kick out of this blog. Though I don’t understand half the things Grace talks about on her blog (as I am not a knitter). her posts are always fun to read. She does this thing every once in a while she’s dubbed Musical Mondays and I can honestly say I’ve gotten a ton of music through that. Her knitting posts are awesome–I love seeing the progress of her knitting projects as well as hearing about her adventures, whether or not they include copious amounts of yarn (or her cat).

Check out the blogs (or don’t) and let me know what you think!

What are your favorite blogs? I’d love to hear about them!

–belated (second) warning– While Jamie’s blog (the Very Worst Missionary) is hilarious, insightful, and definitely has Christian aspects, I want to warn you that she does love words. All words. And she uses all words. So…consider yourself forewarned. Read at your own risk and just know some of her topics may require a different maturity level than posts on, say, Elizabeth’s blog (Such Meager Insight).


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2 responses to “Blog Spots.

  1. Grace

    April 7, 2014 at 4:35 pm

    You’re so sweet! Thanks for the shout-out d^_^b I’m glad you like my blog! I love your writing, so I take that as a super compliment! xxx

  2. suchmeagerinsight

    April 8, 2014 at 9:52 pm

    Aw, thanks for blogging about me! Now I feel like I have to write more regularly! I want to write more, don’t get me wrong. It’s just so hard to fit it in with work. Molly, you’re doing an excellent job over here, too. Entertaining, encouraging, thought-provoking – you’ve got it covered!


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