Happy Anniversary to Me.

14 Apr

WordPress informed me yesterday that I have had this blog for three years.

Three years. That’s like…a long time, people.

And yet, when I think about three years ago, I feel like it really wasn’t very long ago at all.

Three years ago, I was a sophomore in college. At this time, I was worrying about summer jobs and what on earth I was doing with my life and if my roommate still liked me after living with me for however many months. (I was rooming with one of my best friends, Laura, at that time, and yes, she did still like me, though we definitely weren’t showering each other in compliments or flower petals). I was ready for an adventure, but (as far as I can remember), I had just gotten turned down for what I thought would be a fabulous learning adventure across the western United States.

Of course, about a week after I thought I got turned down I was offered the position (someone decided not to go and I got the empty spot). The adventure I thought I lost out on or had gotten consolation prize in turned out to be the most valuable experience I think I had in college; I spent six weeks in a minivan with two other people who were both also passionate and strong-willed individuals. If you don’t think that’s a learning adventure, you should try it; it’s a test of will-power, emotional strength, and spiritual knowledge. Everything I believed was tested, either by my friends and family who continued life back home, the people I was with, the people I met along the way, or the things I myself learned by living out of a suitcase for two months.

You can ask anyone; I came back from that trip different. Good different; wiser, more mature, and more solid in my faith, my passions, and my friendships. I came back confident, easy-going but still structured, and though I didn’t come back perfect and ready for anything, I came back with a better understanding of what I wanted out of life and who I was. It was, beyond a doubt, the best trip I took–and that’s coming from someone who has been to Europe and wants to go back more than anything.

But this blog was established before I grabbed my wheeled suitcase and hit the road with two strangers and a GPS.

This blog started before I knew what I wanted to do with it, and let’s be honest, I still don’t really know what I’m doing here. I started this blog with the intention of relating my life to people who were interested. Basically, I was bored, and started a blog because I figured sometimes I have fun stories that people might want to read.

f you want to read the terrible first post I ever wrote on here (which I wouldn’t advise), click here at your own risk.

I would definitely say my blog has changed quite a bit in three years. I’ve grown, my writing has changed, and I think my blog has evolved into a random assortment of lists and thoughts I’ve had that I felt like sharing. I used to title each blog ‘In which (insert what I do here).’ Now, I just title them based on what I talk about. It’s not a ‘what am I doing that other people need to know’ blog anymore. It’s a ‘here’s what I think, take it or leave it’ blog now.

That was ramble-y. Maybe my blog really hasn’t changed that much in three years…

Let me know, if you feel so inclined, what kind of content you’d like to see sprout up here over the next three years. Do you like what I’m doing now, the unpredictable, stream-of-consciousness type flow, or do you like a little more structure?

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