Thursday Thimbles.

15 May

Someone once told me that any amount of information you can give to someone, no matter how amazing you think it is, is a thimble of information compared to how much information there is in the world in general. That is to say, what you’re giving them may be important, but it’s not all the information ever. It’s not much more than a couple drops out of an ocean of information.

Since I am going to be sharing some of my favorite corners of the internet with you, I decided this should be called Thimble’s Thursday. (say thimbles three more times and it stops sounding like an actual word)

I am going to give you my favorite blog posts, my favorite YouTube videos, music, and whatever else I happen to find during the week that I think you should see.


1. Not all Pastor’s Kids are Christian. Sorry. – Jamie the Very Worst Missionary. This post is very insightful. Jamie (the author) talks about her kids, who are technically ‘pastor’s kids’ and how they have a kid who does not proclaim to be a Christian–and they’re alright with that, because they know God’s got His hands on that kid. They continue loving even though it’s not a popular thing, to be a pastor and have an unsaved kid. But really, the best ministry they can give that kid is their love, pointing him back to Christ.

2. Boyz II Men – Dot Frederick. This post made me giggle. More than once. I can relate to this post, especially the part where she chronicles the way she thought about boys during her high school/college/now years. But then she also talks about being single, about resting in where you are now, and about looking for a man and not rushing. (also, make sure to check out the music video she links to; definitely a pump-up song!).

3. Icarus, Batille. I am a little bit obsessed with this band. Their music is amazing and catchy. This song in particular caught my attention because it’s about Icarus, from the Greek myth–the boy who ties wings around himself then flies too close to the sun, causing the wax holding the wings together to melt and sending him spiraling into the sea. The way this song captures that is so amazing, I can’t get the chorus out of my head.

4. Why Gen Y-ers won’t have careers – All Groan Up. This post is something I absolutely agree with. Add to the list Paul gives that YouTube is becoming a viable career option (and is quite the money-maker for a lot of people already) and I don’t see a lot of people in my generation having solid, life-long career positions. I don’t consider my current job a career–maybe a career move, but not a career. I don’t know that I’ll ever find something I love to do so much that I spend the rest of my working years doing that one thing. I have a wandering mind and a wanderlust that won’t be satisfied sitting in an office and I get cabin fever when I’m in one place too long. The idea of having one job until I’m 65 and old enough to retire is actually a bit terrifying.

5. Why Giraffes Would Make the Best Friends. I personally am a big fan of giraffes. They’re kind of my signature animal–they’re elegant and awkward, just like all of us. I’m awkward and proud, and I think everyone should give the awkwardness of giraffes a chance. They’re just too awesome to ignore. (On the post; don’t click the blue arrows, just the button that says ‘next’. The blue arrows will take you to external links and that’s sketchy.)

6. She Reads Truth. My friend Amy introduced me to this website, which is basically a devotional resource and community. I haven’t gotten into the study yet (crazy week, guys) but I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to say. I just want to remind you guys, though, to check everything with scripture. Question everything, isn’t that how the saying goes? Even though this site is run by a group of Christian women and our tendency is to blindly believe everything Christians say (don’t deny it), there are a lot of ideas out in the Christian world that are wavering from the truth. Trust me when I say I will be holding everything said on this blog/website/resource to the standard of what the rest of the Bible says about the section they’re interpreting.


I hope you enjoyed having a glimpse of the places I spend my time on the internet.

Have a video, blog post, or song I should listen to? Comment or tweet me! I also set up an email account for this topic, so if you find anything Thimble-worthy, email it to me at thursdaythimbles (at)

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