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19 May

Suggestion blog!!

I know, I know, they’re everyone’s favorites.

This week, though, I’ll be making a small shift from the usual ‘here are some awesome books’ post and instead giving you some of my favorite movies.

Gasp. I watch movies and things? Yes, I know it’s hard to swallow, but I actually watch quite a bit of television. I do more than read and write. Don’t have a heart attack. If you’re still struggling with the image of me zoning out at a TV screen, ask my mom about my Netflix habit. (It might be a small problem. Or it might have been a couple months ago…)

Anyway, I would like to recommend, for your viewing pleasure, a handful of awesome movies that I think should be watched at some point in time. I’m by no means an official on the matter (I haven’t seen things like Titanic, or Braveheart, or the Patriot) and it’s not a complete list of movies as I still find flicks I love love love all the time, but here goes anyway.

1. The Prestige. This is by far my favorite movie pretty much ever. I don’t really know why I love it so much; maybe because of the people I watched it with the first time, or the fact that our theater’s projector glitched on a very crucial plot point so I didn’t actually know what happened until I rewatched it later. Whatever it is about this movie, I love it. The mystery, the illusion, and the dramatic but not sappy storyline are things that I just can’t get enough of. I wish more movies were like this. (If you like this movie, also check out titles like The Illusionist, Now You See Me, and Catch Me If You Can)

2. Austenland. This is one of the most hilarious chick flicks I have seen in a long time. It’s Jane Austen with a modern edge and modern humor, so it’s a little bit scandalous but also a beautiful love story in a very unexpected way. I was completely caught by surprise by the ending of the movie and I can’t say that happens often. This is one of those movies that is quite literally someone’s daydream come to life, and I wish I could jump into the movie. I laughed out loud nearly the whole way through this movie and had to rewind a couple times to catch what I missed. (If you like this movie, check out Pitch Perfect, Monte Carlo, and the Emma with Gwenyth Paltrow [I haven’t seen the other one, sorry…])

3. My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend. I found this movie completely by accident with my friend Mysti. Mysti and I had a tradition one year in college to watch movies. Once a week, we’d pull my dorm room’s spare mattress (the uncomfy one) down onto the floor, spread out on it with a laptop and junk food, and watch Netflix movies (sometimes two or three or more in one night). We found this movie because Netflix is wonderful and suggests relevant titles to what you watch. This movie was hilarious, a little bit sad, and very different than your usual chick flick. The ending was so off from what we expected that Mysti and I both rewatched this movie on our own so we could see it pieced together with the ending we hadn’t had before. (If you like this movie, check out This Means War, Just My Luck, and Return to Me)

4. Tangled. Oh gosh, if you haven’t watched this movie, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. I love Disney movies and this particular movie is one of the greatest. It’s hilarious and totally not a kids-only movie. I probably watched this movie more in college than my little sisters have since it’s been out. I watched this movie at least once a month for a few months, and I could probably quote the entire thing if my life depended on it. It’s just a good, wholesome movie with an awesome plot, hilarious characters, and great music. Watch it. (If you like this movie, check out Frozen, Anastasia, and Beastly)

5. Captain America. Despite the rest of this list and my apparent fascination with kid’s movies and chick flicks, I love action movies more than any other genre. I would rather go see a shoot-em-up, fast-paced, chase-scenes-and-all movie than some sappy soppy romantic movie, though I do definitely enjoy those. Captain America is probably one of the most awesome Marvel movies. I still haven’t seen the second one yet, though…shame on me. I love that the Captain has a strong sense of morality, justice, and a passion to fight for what’s right. I love that he remains good, even when they’ve found that other people, less willing to die for others, are villains when given power. It’s just an incredible story with a great message of sacrificial honor. (If you like this movie, check out The Avengers, Prince of Persia, and Thor)

6. The Amazing Spider-Man. Guys, I love movies based on comic books. I’m a geek, a nerd, and an absolute dork and I don’t mind being called weird. This movie was just so great. The new Peter Parker is actually a dweeb, but when he puts on the suit he’s hilarious, witty, and confident–exactly the way he’s supposed to be. Emma Stone is an amazing Gwen Stacy and the writing is incredibly funny and smart. I may not be an expert on the actual comics, as I really didn’t read many of them, but this movie was exactly how I pictured the comics. (If you like this movie, check out the X-Men movies, the Batman movies, and The Fantastic Four)

Well, that’s what I got for you today! Let me know if you like these movies, if you decide to watch them, if you hate them, or if you have any other suggestions for me. I love finding new movies and will probably do another of these someday, so if you have anything that you think would make it on my list, comment and tell me what it is!

As always, you don’t *have* to watch these movies, but you know…they’re good…and you should.

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