Thursday Thimbles.

22 May

It’s Thursday! Again!

Someone once told me that any amount of information you can give to someone, no matter how amazing you think it is, is a thimble of information compared to how much information there is in the world in general. That is to say, what you’re giving them may be important, but it’s not all the information ever. It’s not much more than a couple drops out of an ocean of information.

Since I am going to be sharing some of my favorite corners of the internet with you, I decided this should be called Thimble’s Thursday. (say thimbles three more times and it stops sounding like an actual word)

I am going to give you my favorite blog posts, my favorite YouTube videos, music, and whatever else I happen to find during the week that I think you should see.

1. Lip-sync battle, Emma Stone and Jimmy Fallon. I have a serious celebrity woman-crush on Emma Stone. I want to be her friend. She is hilarious, down-to-earth (from what we see), and a fabulous actress to boot. In this video, she makes an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show and they have a lip-sync battle. I believe that Emma wins, but I didn’t believe it until she did her last song. It’s hysterical to watch and makes me wish I had watched the entire show with her on it, but I guess that’s what YouTube is for.

2. Would vs. Could, Love and Respect (Now). I found Joy’s blog more or less by happy accident. She does this thing every once in a while where she will answer questions people ask her, and this is one such blog. (Joy works at her parents’ relationship counseling office) This blog is about the different between what guys and girls say, what they actually mean, or how they interpret different things. I hadn’t ever thought that asking a guy if he ‘could do ___ for me’ was offensive, but Joy polled several different people and found out that it is, in fact, a little ego-wounding to a guy to be asked if he ‘can’ instead of if he ‘will’. Who knew.

3. All the Holidays in May, Rhett and Link. Rhett and Link run a YouTube channel on which they do a show called Good Mythical Morning. While I would recommend all of their videos to you (particularly their rap battles), I get a kick out of watching this Holidays video. There is a holiday for every day in May, and Rhett and Link decided to celebrate every single one of them in one short video. They have another one with all the holidays in June, which is also hilarious, but they timed the May video and so it seems like they’re trying to do it in a certain span of time, therefore making the video faster and more hilarious with more antics-per-second. Make sure to check out their other videos, though, because they’re definitely a worthy YouTube channel.

4. The Loveliest Things, Meg Reeve and The Lipstick Gospel. I found The Lipstick Gospel blog through a post that I believe appeared on Allison Vesterfelt’s blog. However I found it, once I started reading it, I was hooked. The post I linked to (the main one, not the names) is something TLG does occasionally by asking someone else to guest blog some of their favorite things. I particularly loved this one because she talks about words, quotes, books, and other exciting things like coffee. The lists are short, sweet, and to the point, with a short summary of why exactly the mentioned thing is a mentioned thing.

5. The A21 Campaign. I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned something related to human trafficking in every one of these thimble posts. I am so completely against this injustice, I can talk about it for hours and still not feel like I’ve said what needs to be said. The A21 Campaign was designed to be an abolitionist movement in the 21st century. It was started by Christine Caine, a girl whose book I am currently reading. Her passion is so clear and this campaign is doing a lot to help raise awareness and fight injustice. Join the fight!

6. Magic, Coldplay. I watched this video for the very first time last night and thought it was beautiful. A little strange, yes, but that’s Coldplay for you. The song is beautiful, the lyrics are beautiful, the story behind the entire album is sad, beautiful, tragic…(not the Taylor Swift song. It just is sad, etc, etc) I love Coldplay, always have and always will. This newest music video isn’t changing that, and their new album is just as incredible as the others. They may have a different sound than they used to, but they’re still the same band and, really, after a band’s been around for 15 years, they’re allowed to change a bit. No judging from me on this front.


I apologize for all the videos. It was a YouTube-or-nothing sort of week. (My internet was down all week. Makes it hard to post about things I’ve done on the internet that week)

I hope you enjoyed having a glimpse of the places I spend my time on the internet.

Have a video, blog post, or song I should listen to? Comment or tweet me! I also set up an email account for this topic, so if you find anything Thimble-worthy, email it to me at thursdaythimbles (at)

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