Our House Has…Quirks.

27 May

If you are surprised by the fact that I didn’t post yesterday, you obviously haven’t been around long.

1) It was a holiday and 2) I’m inconsistent with this thing anyway…

So since I ‘took yesterday off’, I’m going to move my post days back this week, meaning my Thimbles post will be on Friday (still trying to think of a cutesy alliterative title for that. Suggestions are welcome).

I have been desperately racking my brain for ideas for this week’s post. I thought I had an idea, but I came up with it late late at night and by the time I woke up it had flown away, just like the bugs that infiltrate my house and then fly away or skitter under the table before you can squash them. Bad analogy, but you get the picture; my idea slipped away.

On the topic of bugs slipping away into the recesses of my house, let’s talk about my house for a second.

I recently moved out of my parent’s house and into a small, two-bedroom house with my friend Kelly. While getting out of my parent’s house has its perks, it also has its downsides, and living ‘on my own’ is a little bit surreal. I really don’t feel like I’m old enough to be this independent, though that is, of course, not true. I’ve graduated college and I have a profession (more or less). I just have this weird feeling that I’m at summer camp of having an extended sleepover.

Our house is a little on the beaten-down side and the joke is that every surface in the house is curved somehow. There’s a dip in the floor, the counter kind of slants, and even one of the doors is a little warped. Kelly and I dubbed our house ‘The Hawk’s Nest’ because the last occupants’ last name as Hawk. We kind of nicknamed the house Ethel, though, because it reminds us of a cute little old lady who is falling apart but still somehow adorable. The more we clean and spray for bugs (which are everywhere), the more we like it. We’re planning on getting new furniture, new rugs, and we stocked our fridge. The house is growing on us, slowly but surely.

Like I mentioned before, though, we have a little bit of a bug problem. The other day, we found a mutant–a cross between a spider and a cricket or grasshopper, which we dubbed ‘crider’. It was disgusting, and needless to say that sucker got squashed faster than you can say bye-bye-bug. We’ve also found a couple spiders (nothing out of the ordinary for the Ville but still not pleasant to find) and some flying things. So yesterday Kelly bought a ton of different insect killers, determined to de-pest our house. We sprayed. We sprinkled. We misted. We squashed some more.
We’re homing that our home will be bug-free soon…although the holes in the walls might make that harder than we’d like it to be.

On the bright side, though, I only had one dream in which we found enormous, blood-thirsty black widow spiders and fled the house to find an apartment elsewhere. So that’s good.

It’s a little strange having my own room in this house. I had my own room in my parent’s house, but this feels different. The room is a little smaller, the closet is a little bigger, and my bed went from a queen to a twin. I’m not used to sleeping on small beds, and add to that the fact that I pushed the bed all the way up against the wall and it’s on rollers and I haven’t yet found a truly comfortable spot. I also tend to sleep cold, as one of the only two air vents is in my room and is on all night. I joke that I’m cold-blooded, but this particular form of cold is not one I’m used to.

Despite all the little quirks and flaws, now that the long weekend is over, I think it’ll be easier to look at this as less of a sleepover and more of a living situation. We’ve started doing some work around the house, Kelly used the washer and dryer for the first time yesterday, and we’re slowly clearing boxes out of the living room area. I’ve almost killed myself tripping over the chairs in the dining room, so I’m obviously getting comfortable in the house, and even though it’s an old house that must have been through a lot to get into the state it is, Kelly and I are determined to ‘nurse it back to health’, Andre-the-giant style.

We’ve only just moved in, and we’re hoping that this house will be ‘home’ for much longer.

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