Thursday Thimbles.

05 Jun

Someone once told me that any amount of information you can give to someone, no matter how amazing you think it is, is a thimble of information compared to how much information there is in the world in general. That is to say, what you’re giving them may be important, but it’s not all the information ever. It’s not much more than a couple drops out of an ocean of information.

Since I am going to be sharing some of my favorite corners of the internet with you, I decided this should be called Thimble’s Thursday. (say thimbles three more times and it stops sounding like an actual word)

I am going to give you my favorite blog posts, my favorite YouTube videos, music, and whatever else I happen to find during the week that I think you should see.

1. ‘Single’ and ‘Broken’ Are Not the Same Thing, The Lipstick Gospel. The Lipstick Gospel blog went from being a casual read to one of my favorite blogs on the interwebs. Stephanie has a humorous voice but talks about serious things in a matter-of-fact way. This blog was posted the day after my roommate and I talked about people who seem miserable when we’re single and try to ‘fix’ us by setting us up with people. As Stephanie says, the status of your ring finger does not determine your worth! I loved reading this blog post, and I also love her ‘beautiful things’ posts, so make sure to check those out when you’re looking at her site.

2. 5 Words That Make Your Writing Weak, Jeff Goins. This blog is definitely something I’m going to reference in my writing. Getting rid of somewhat useless works like ‘that’ and ‘stuff’, etc, makes writing more interesting to read and should be avoided. Jeff also has a list of other words that should be avoided but aren’t as detracting from writing as the 5 major words in the list. I think I may have gone back to a story I had been writing and taken out a bunch of extraneous words. Definitely some good tips on concise writing and ways to make writing flow.

3. You’re Doing Twitter Wrong, Tripp and Tyler. This video is hilarious. In the most over-the-top way possible, Tripp and Tyler point out a bunch of ways that the other is ‘doing Twitter wrong’. They shout at each other about it. Most of their points made me giggle (mostly because I know people who for real do those things) and then, for about two minutes, I felt kinda bad about my tweets. Then I got over it because it’s the internet and no one actually really cares. So hey. Use those hashtags, have tweet conversations, and follow thousands of people to get people to follow you. Just…do what you want. It’s Twitter.

4. What Shakespeare Contributed to the English Language (and what he didn’t), BBC. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a little bit obsessed with words and phrases. I want to know where cliches started, what they actually mean, where the roots of certain words came from, and why we don’t call oceans whalepaths anymore (because that’s an awesome name). I knew Shakespeare had a hugely significant impact on language, but I guess I didn’t realize the extent of his impact. Phrases that I use almost every day were coined by the man himself, and (though it’s not in the article) I’ve heard he even invented the word ‘stuff’. (don’t quote me on that, but I’m pretty sure) His reach is ridiculous and awesome and I just love Shakespeare that much more. The article makes we want to go read every single play he ever wrote.Like right now.

5. What Does ‘The Whole 9 Yards’ Mean?, BBC. BBC recently did a two- or three-part series on the origin of certain turns of phrases. (turns of phrase? turn of phrases?) One of the ones that wasn’t given an explanation in the original article was ‘the whole 9 yards’, but readers were asked to comment on where they thought the phrase came from. I loved reading the different opinions on what exactly people thought the phrase meant. The whole 9 yards is used to frequently and I have questioned its history before. Now I know there’s probably more than one answer…and all of them seem pretty reasonable to me. What do you think it means?

6. Zan Efron and Taylor Swift Sing for Ellen, The Ellen Show. I love both of these actors (and I think Ellen’s pretty hilarious, too) and their ‘impromptu’ singing was hilarious. I also now have Pumped Up Kicks stuck in my head, so you can consider this my song suggestion, too. Zac and Ellen also did a dance dare for Ellen (which is referred to in their song) and I laughed pretty hard watching that video. Basically, the good clean fun of these videos is very happy-making. Enjoy this earworm.

I hope you enjoyed having a glimpse of the places I spend my time on the internet.

Have a video, blog post, or song I should listen to? Comment or tweet me! I also set up an email account for this topic, so if you find anything Thimble-worthy, email it to me at thursdaythimbles (at)!

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