I Crochet in Public.

16 Jun

Crocheting in public is at once an awesome feeling and slightly embarrassing.

On the one hand, when your lap is covered with a blanket you’ve been working on for the last five days and yarn is wrapped around your entire table at a coffee shop, you feel a bit like a professional. It’s like saying, ‘hey, check out my awesome skill.’

On the other hand, it’s a little embarrassing. I mean, come on, I’m still young. Crocheting is one of those hobbies that has been dubbed an ‘old lady’ hobby. Crocheting in public is like waving a freak flag and declaring to the entire world that I am, in fact, an old soul.

But I do it anyway. When I take my computer to a coffee shop, I usually have a Hobby Lobby bag in tow as well. I set up a little ‘nest’ (as my mom calls it) and open Netflix and pull out my newest project. I’ve completed several scarves and am currently working on an afghan, all whilst working my way through the first season of Arrow and now re-watching Heroes (no boring videos; I have to keep myself entertained while my fingers crochet away).

Today was a little bit different. First, I’m sitting at a taller tables. I say taller because I’m taller standing than when I’m sitting at the table, but it’s far enough off the ground that if I were to drop, say, a ball of yarn, it would be an embarrassing display to get up and retrieve it. So while I was sitting at this table, balancing my enormous blanket-in-progress on my lap and trying not to knock the skein into the floor, a group of what I assume were new hires and interns from our local Fortune 5 company walked in.

If took about two seconds for their eyes to land on the huge pile of organized yarn in my lap, the hook in my hand, and the skein bouncing around on the table. I tried my very hardest not to make eye contact (just act professional, look busy, oh gosh don’t look at me, seriously) while they ordered, pulled chairs noisily across the table, and sat.

I carried on, crocheting away, laughing at my TV show (oh yeah, I laugh out loud even when I have headphones on. I’m so strange, guys). I’m pretty sure one of them tried to talk to me, but my headphones are skilled in the ways of Sound Cancellation, and I completely missed it (that’s happened before. I missed half of a conversation and ended up apologizing to a perfect stranger because he asked a question I didn’t hear). Oops.

Anyway. I now have more than 35 rows on my enormous Granny Square Afghan of Myths and Legends. It’s still not quite lap-sized (at least, not long enough to cover all of my long leggedness) and it’s probably going to get at least six more rows on it before I call it quits. I’m hoping it’ll end up being big enough for a decent cuddle blanket when it starts getting colder.

By cuddle blanket, I mean another layer for my bed. I usually have between 4 and 8 layers on my bed in the winter. I’m a reptile…I have to lay on a rock in the sun to actually be warm…

I’ve also completed four or five scarves (I’ve lost count. Sad, right?) over the past couple weeks. I saw a post on my friend’s blog (the Knitting Goddess) about doing this thing called Stash Dash, so I figured I’d give it a try. Basically, you try to crochet some thousand yards of yarn from your stash before a certain date. I’m kind of fuzzy on the details; can you tell?

While I work on that, I’m also trying to complete an application for a mid-term missions trip. The application is hugely long; understandably so, of course, since it is for a missions trip. I started the application probably a year ago and haven’t made a ton of progress since then (hangs head in shame).

One more thing; why do coffee shops always seem so cold? Seriously. I feel like my fingers are turning blue (they’re not, but it feels like it, okay?). I can actually feel a breeze from the air conditioning. My hair should not be blowing in a cold breeze when I am indoors, people. That’s not okay with me.

I hope you all also do things in public that make you feel awesome and embarrassed. I write, talk to my computer, laugh out loud, and crochet. What’re you gonna do.

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One response to “I Crochet in Public.

  1. suchmeagerinsight

    June 16, 2014 at 5:28 pm

    Haha! I definitely spent three afternoons cutting pieces for math board games in a Starbucks. I had brightly colored pieces of paper all over the table, and my hands were freezing, too! I felt so silly when I had to make multiple trips to throw away all the trash, but, good grief, it was worth it! Good luck on your Stash Dash, friend!


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