Stash Dash.

22 Jul

So my friend, who runs The Knitting Goddess blog, introduced me to this thing called the Stash Dash. This is basically a challenge to crochet/knit/spin/etc 5K of yarn between May 23rd and August 7th. In ‘Murica terms, that’s around 5,500 yards of yarn in a little more than two months. Sound easy?

The average crocheted scarf uses about 400 yards of yarn. If you crochet nothing but scarves, you’d have to crochet more than thirteen scarves. That’s kind of a lot of scarves.

The goal is to use yarn from your ‘stash’, or the enormous piles you’ve built up and have nowhere to put. But since I seem to have managed to collect only one ball of each kind of yarn and can’t finish a project with three different weights of yarn in all different colors, I may have had to buy a bit more yarn to really be able to finish the dash (which technically is cheating, but seriously. No one wants a scarf that looks like a knot or an afghan that does not and will never lie flat or be soft enough to use).

Although this is the first year I’ve participated (or really even know about) the dash, I am proud to say that I have COMPLETED the Dash–two and half weeks early!

That’s what you get when I’m unemployed. A crocheting fiend.

So, in order to prove this (because I still feel a little like it can’t possible be true), I give you…

Picture proof.

photo 1 (2)photo 5 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4The top picture are the first two scarves I made without any pattern or direction. They turned out amazingly and I actually sold the solid blue one a couple days ago.

The next picture is the scarf I’m currently working on. I’m making it in Gryffindor colors–maroon and gold–in honor of Harry Potter. I also just finished a Slytherin colored one–silver and green–that has smaller stripes. I’ll be keeping the Slytherin one. Hehe.

Next is another one of the scarves, just showing off the tassels and the length. Not counting the tassels, the scarves are about 6 feet long (basically, I can hold them up and they’re the same height as me).

Then there’s my first granny-square continuous afghan. That blanket took me the longest because I had to switch colors at the end of every row. It’s not very big, but it’s definitely warm.

The last picture is the one I’m proudest of. This afghan is a good-sized lap blanket and was crocheted with two colors of yarn held together to add thickness to the stitches. This blanket is another that makes me feel like I cheated because I used twice the amount of yarn on what could have been half that. The blanket is super heavy and thick and I love it. Totally worth getting overheated while working on it…

Anyway, those are my crocheting endeavors! Any ideas what I should crochet next, now that I have some yarn inventory?


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One response to “Stash Dash.

  1. Daddy

    July 23, 2014 at 7:05 am

    Your daddy needs a good warm scarf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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