Adventures in Coffeeland.

20 Sep

For those of you who don’t know and don’t closely monitor my personal life, I recently started a new job.

I am now a Starbucks barista! I make drinks, take orders, take your life savings, and give you coffee in exchange. It works out well. For me.

When I first started this job, I didn’t hate it. No, I was a full step past hating this job; I nearly quit on my first day after training. I was one incident away from handing my used green apron to my manager and walking out the front doors. Thanks to a pep talk, however, I made it through my first eight-hour shift only slightly winded, cried it out on my way home, and survived the rest of the week with nothing more than throbbing feet and coffee stains in weird places.

Now that I’ve been working here for about a month, I’m a lot more comfortable with the register system and I’ve actually gotten to where I know what I’m doing on bar (aka the making of the complex drinks). I enjoy the job. I don’t love it; it’s a job, after all, and not a fabulous one, but it pays.

The thing that’s keeping me at this job (other than the fact that I have to pay rent again in a couple weeks) is the people. I work with some amazing people. If it weren’t for the people, I really think I would still be hating this job. It’s hard, emotionally demanding, stressful, and fast-paced. But then again, I like that I’m always busy here. I don’t like sitting still (and I’m not good at it), so constantly being on the move is really a good thing for me.

The ‘group’ that I’ve clicked with here includes five people; JT, Kyla, Chelsea, Peyton, and myself.

Peyton is the dark-humored and hilarious guy in our group. He’s one of the most unlikely Starbucks employees. He told us once that when they told him in the interview that h had to wear the green apron, he almost turned the job down. He likes Darwin Awards (natural selection at its finest), has some hilarious stories, and is very intelligent.

Then there’s Kyla. She’s quiet at first, until you get to know her. Then she’s not exactly loud, but she definitely has her moments. We spent about 20 minutes quoting Emperor’s New Groove and YouTube videos the other day when we were working together. Kyla and Chelsea both understand my Doctor Who and Sherlock references, as well as most of my other nerd references  Kyla was one of the first people to ‘take me under her wing’ at work since we’d known each before. She offered to help me if I needed it, point me in the right direction if I got confused, that sort of thing. We get along smashingly, basically.

Chelsea I bonded with almost instantly. The first time I met her she showed me her phone case, which has the TARDIS with 221B on it. Best mashup ever. Every time we hang out and learn more about each other we find more in common. She’s a youth pastor at a church in the area and it’s so nice to have found a friend that not only shares a lot of my interests but also my faith. She’s also one of the goofier people at Starbucks and keeps things interesting.

JT is a shift supervisor, which is Starbucks’ annoying way of saying assistant manager, basically. He is without a doubt one of the most hilarious people I’ve met here and working with him is one of my favorite things. I look forward to working with him regardless of who else is working. He’s another Christian (honestly, I was surprised with how many people I met that shared my beliefs) and should be a pastor when he’s serious. When he’s not in a serious mood, though, all bets are off.

I’ve gotten used to working night shifts and then hanging out for a bit with the people I work with. I usually don’t make it to bed until the wee hours of the morning.

I used to have a rule that I wouldn’t be friends with my coworkers outside of work. Since starting here, however, that rule has been shot to pieces. Chelsea, Kyla, JT, and I even decided we should start a band, open a bakery, or a million other ideas. It’s cool to have a team at work that you know beyond the work environment.

Anyway, I just wanted to assure you all that I didn’t die, drop off the face of the planet, or come into contact with Gamma Radiation of Mysterious, Extra-Terrestrial Origin.

Working at Starbucks is a bit like living on a different planet, though…

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