Chasing Aprons.

25 Sep

I just wrote half a blog post and then deleted it.

That’s a good introduction to this story, right? Kind of sums up my state of mind right now. AKA a little bit Not All There.

It’s a good place to be at exactly midnight in the middle of the week.

I’m also hungry.

Story time! (Chelsea, forgive me for this one…I have to)

Yesterday at work, things were going as per usual for a closing shift. It was later in the evening, not quite to closing but getting darker outside. Chelsea is one of the only other people that works at Starbucks that still hangs out there a ridiculous amount whilst not on the clock. That being said, it should come as no surprise that, on her day off, Chelsea was camping out at the counter at the end of the bar, entertaining and being entertained by those of us working (me, Peyton, and JT).

I don’t even remember what I was doing when this guy walked in. Name changed for the sake of Facebook stalking privileges, let’s call him Chris. Chris knew JT (or just bonded over a steaming cup of Joe, either way) and JT introduced Chelsea to Chris and got them talking about something or other. After initiating the conversation and getting them both thoroughly involved, walked away with a weirdly smug look on his face.

I asked him what was up and he did the most ridiculous little-girl squeal, little victory dance, and said “Chelsea made a FRIEND!”

I may have lost it just a bit. I started laughing, not quietly, and Chelsea noticed JT’s dance and my hysteria. “What?? What happened?” I shook my head, trying to silently communicate that it involved the guy sitting next to her. About thirty minutes later, JT made some very scrupmtious pastries and took them–on a single plate–to Chelsea and Chris. I pulled Chelsea away from her New Friend and told her what JT was doing (in case she hadn’t gotten it yet). Needless to say, she was a weird mix between mad and thinking it was funny.

A while later, Chelsea asked me for a favor; she wanted me to fling a piece of the pastry JT had made at him, covering him in whipped cream and croissant.

I agreed.

Really, he deserved it, right? Right.

I proceeded to the back, flung the pastry, and ran.

JT came around the corner, slightly amused, and shook his finger at Chelsea. She just laughed, then picked up roughly half of the pastry and chased JT into the back with it, showing it into his hair, his apron, anything–and then slipped and fell, getting herself creamed as well.

We decided that JT was as bad at setting people up as Amy, one of the shift supervisors who constantly nudges everyone to date, get married, and have multiple children RIGHT NOW. So really no nudging involved there, more like shoving. The very first time I worked with her, she told me that one of us girls had to snatch up the guys before someone else did.

The difference between Amy and JT, however, is that Amy is serious. And she also really wants all the baristas to date and marry each other. She wants it to stay in the family, basically. Bless her. We decided that instead of chasing skirts, Amy tells the baristas to chase aprons. I can see an excellent Adele parody in this; “Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing aprons?” It’s a beautiful disaster in the making.

This story is actually kind of a Normal Shift for us. We keep things interesting, to say the least. It’s a fun place to work.

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