Whip Creamed.

30 Sep

Starbucks Story Time!

(this particular brand of story is going to be happening a lot)

So about a week ago, it was JT’s last day on the schedule. He had put in his two weeks and his last day had rolled around. Kyla, Chelsea, and I didn’t work with him, so we decided to ‘celebrate’ his last day and send him off with something to remember us by.

Which means we were planning something slightly evil.

In order to veil our prank ideas, we invited JT to a Doctor Who marathon after Starbucks closed and he was off. We bought sparkling grape juice and toasted ‘old songs and ancient times’ (not really) and played nice.

Now here’s a little information you need to know. When I found out JT was quitting, I told him I was going to spray him with whipped cream on his last day. I had planning to work with him and use Starbuck’s CO2-filled whipped cream cans, which would certainly make things interesting, but when I didn’t work with him on his last day, Chelsea and I decided to just buy cheap-o whipped creams and get him when he left work. Upon having the idea of a Doctor Who marathon, we revised our plan yet again. The evening went something like this:

11pm: Arrive at Kyla’s house, all in one car, meaning we all had to leave at the same time.

11:30pm: Realize we left the whipped cream in the car and it will be very difficult to get it without him noticing as we all leave. Begin texting each other while JT remains blissfully unaware.

12am: Chelsea ‘needs something out of Molly’s car’ and leaves to grab ‘something’ and put it in a convenient spot for when we leave.

12:15am: We all get up to leave. The girls take advantage of JT being a gentleman and holding the door open and each grab a can of whipped cream as they walk to the car. JT doesn’t see it and starts walking. Suddenly, whipped cream is flying and within seconds JT is covered.

Chelsea, Kyla, and I were laughing so hard at his reaction. He was completely surprised by it. Needless to say, it was quite satisfying. Then we made the mistake of putting our whipped cream down–and not noticing when JT picked them up. After we thought we had ‘gotten’ him, suddenly WE were the ones being attacked. I got an earful of whipped cream, Kyla and Chelsea got sprayed, and JT refused to give the cans back until he was back in his own car and on his way away from us.

I found out today that JT is actually not quitting; he decided to stay.

I’m a little scared that this whipped cream battle is not over, and now that he’s back at work, I have a feeling that the war will continue in more and more hilarious and devious ways.

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