Crochet Fever.

01 Dec

I realize that this is one of the longer posting dry spells this blog has experienced. I also realize just how sad that is. Honestly, though, you should be thanking me. See, my life has recently begun to revolve pretty much entirely around Starbucks. I like telling stories about my job, the people I work with, and the crazy customers we have, but that doesn’t mean that everyone likes to hear them. Especially when I tell them all the time.

And I hate to do this, but I have a Starbucks-related story. And some (mostly) shameless self-promotion to do.

All it began with a K-hook and a project.

See, I’ve been crocheting since I was teensy. My mom taught me when I was in 7th grade and I hated it with a fiery passion. Then, I got to college and my senior year, my roommate was a crochet fiend. She was a master and I wanted to make the things she did (namely, a giant, Harry Potter-themed blanket). So, I picked my hook back up and try-tried again. At first, I couldn’t figure out how to even tie the knot to start something, but then I was suddenly making hats, scarves, and finding any pattern I could (and making up a couple of my own).

Skip forward a year, and I’m still crocheting. I’m a little more advanced, a little more adventurous, and wear at least one handmade item every day when it’s cold enough outside. I’ve made and sold a couple of things, but I haven’t had a whole lot of ‘business’. Then I started working at Starbucks. One day, I took in a blanket and a hat I was working on. Suddenly, everyone was watching me crochet, asking me questions, and asking me to teach them.

So, a couple weeks ago, I sat down with four of my coworkers and taught them some basics for making a simple scarf. One decided it wasn’t for her (more business for me), one decided it was definitely a side project, one hasn’t started a project yet, and the other–Kandice–has taken my lessons and run with them. Kandice came to work one day wearing a hat I made her and the next wearing a scarf she made herself.

Part of me regrets teaching her. Now she’ll make her own stuff, make things for other people. She picked it up so quickly, though, that most of me is just proud. I helped start that obsession. It’s an addiction, really; I’m pretty sure paying for yarn is why my paychecks look so small…

I actually had to buy a new hook today for a project; not because I didn’t have the right size or because I’d lost the one I needed, but because the hook I had had been whittled down by the yarn, had lost its shine, and was sharp on one end. I keep wounding myself with it when I try to use it. It’s exciting and sad at the same time that I’ve used one hook THAT much.

But here’s the self-promotion:

I make and sell all kinds of goodies! I recently started making slipper boots. I’ve made several pairs (one for myself) and I really really like them. Here’s a picture so you, too, can admire them Ialong with a link to my Etsy page):

K go there and order stuff. Also, if you use the code MSHIZ right now you get free shipping, which is cool. I mean, I think it’s cool. You can think whatever. No pressure. But you should go there. And favorite things. And order. I already said that, but do it anyway.

OK promotion over. Thanks for bearing with  me.

Also, crocheting lessons are made by appointment only. 😀

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