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It has been a very long three months. A very long, hard, sad three months, with a lot happening in my life.

I’ve been trying for a very long time to figure out how to put into words the things I’ve been feeling, dealing with, and thinking about. It’s odd to me how easy it is to think something and yet how hard it is to say it out loud.

In any case, I’ve had something that’s been pressing on me that I’ve wanted to put into words, and this is really my best attempt.

God is amazing. I’ve been taking things for granted for far too long, and even after everything that’s happened in the last three months, six months, year, two years since college, I still haven’t quite learned this lesson.

I think that sometimes, when we ask God for things, He teaches us the lesson by making us learn it the hard way. I asked for patience when I graduated college, and I’m still waiting on the ‘right’ job. I’m still waiting on the ‘right’ man. God is teaching me to be patient by teaching me to wait.

So maybe when I ask God for friends, He shows me how incredible the friends I have already are; He shows me to appreciate what I have by showing me what I could be missing? I don’t know, maybe that’s a bad takeaway, but that’s one of the things I’ve been thinking lately.

In any case, I’ve started wandering around downtown Ville, standing in front of tall buildings and trying to feel small. I know that sounds weird, but for some reason, the feeling of smallness is comforting. It makes me feel like everything I’m living through is really only a passing breeze, strong enough to make my step falter but not nearly strong enough to knock me over. The ‘tiny’ feeling is something that makes me feel like there is, in fact, a bigger picture, a bigger thing God is working on in my life. That maybe, just maybe, I’m standing on the ground floor, and there’s a light on up on the fiftieth floor and someone is waiting for me to make it up there.

It’s a nice feeling, that there’s more than just me. It’s nice to think about sometimes, when you’re overwhelmed and feel like everything is crushing you.

I’m ready to get off the ground floor. There are fifty more stories waiting to be visited, fifty more stories to be lived.


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Crochet Fever.

I realize that this is one of the longer posting dry spells this blog has experienced. I also realize just how sad that is. Honestly, though, you should be thanking me. See, my life has recently begun to revolve pretty much entirely around Starbucks. I like telling stories about my job, the people I work with, and the crazy customers we have, but that doesn’t mean that everyone likes to hear them. Especially when I tell them all the time.

And I hate to do this, but I have a Starbucks-related story. And some (mostly) shameless self-promotion to do.

All it began with a K-hook and a project.

See, I’ve been crocheting since I was teensy. My mom taught me when I was in 7th grade and I hated it with a fiery passion. Then, I got to college and my senior year, my roommate was a crochet fiend. She was a master and I wanted to make the things she did (namely, a giant, Harry Potter-themed blanket). So, I picked my hook back up and try-tried again. At first, I couldn’t figure out how to even tie the knot to start something, but then I was suddenly making hats, scarves, and finding any pattern I could (and making up a couple of my own).

Skip forward a year, and I’m still crocheting. I’m a little more advanced, a little more adventurous, and wear at least one handmade item every day when it’s cold enough outside. I’ve made and sold a couple of things, but I haven’t had a whole lot of ‘business’. Then I started working at Starbucks. One day, I took in a blanket and a hat I was working on. Suddenly, everyone was watching me crochet, asking me questions, and asking me to teach them.

So, a couple weeks ago, I sat down with four of my coworkers and taught them some basics for making a simple scarf. One decided it wasn’t for her (more business for me), one decided it was definitely a side project, one hasn’t started a project yet, and the other–Kandice–has taken my lessons and run with them. Kandice came to work one day wearing a hat I made her and the next wearing a scarf she made herself.

Part of me regrets teaching her. Now she’ll make her own stuff, make things for other people. She picked it up so quickly, though, that most of me is just proud. I helped start that obsession. It’s an addiction, really; I’m pretty sure paying for yarn is why my paychecks look so small…

I actually had to buy a new hook today for a project; not because I didn’t have the right size or because I’d lost the one I needed, but because the hook I had had been whittled down by the yarn, had lost its shine, and was sharp on one end. I keep wounding myself with it when I try to use it. It’s exciting and sad at the same time that I’ve used one hook THAT much.

But here’s the self-promotion:

I make and sell all kinds of goodies! I recently started making slipper boots. I’ve made several pairs (one for myself) and I really really like them. Here’s a picture so you, too, can admire them Ialong with a link to my Etsy page):

K go there and order stuff. Also, if you use the code MSHIZ right now you get free shipping, which is cool. I mean, I think it’s cool. You can think whatever. No pressure. But you should go there. And favorite things. And order. I already said that, but do it anyway.

OK promotion over. Thanks for bearing with  me.

Also, crocheting lessons are made by appointment only. 😀

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Whip Creamed.

Starbucks Story Time!

(this particular brand of story is going to be happening a lot)

So about a week ago, it was JT’s last day on the schedule. He had put in his two weeks and his last day had rolled around. Kyla, Chelsea, and I didn’t work with him, so we decided to ‘celebrate’ his last day and send him off with something to remember us by.

Which means we were planning something slightly evil.

In order to veil our prank ideas, we invited JT to a Doctor Who marathon after Starbucks closed and he was off. We bought sparkling grape juice and toasted ‘old songs and ancient times’ (not really) and played nice.

Now here’s a little information you need to know. When I found out JT was quitting, I told him I was going to spray him with whipped cream on his last day. I had planning to work with him and use Starbuck’s CO2-filled whipped cream cans, which would certainly make things interesting, but when I didn’t work with him on his last day, Chelsea and I decided to just buy cheap-o whipped creams and get him when he left work. Upon having the idea of a Doctor Who marathon, we revised our plan yet again. The evening went something like this:

11pm: Arrive at Kyla’s house, all in one car, meaning we all had to leave at the same time.

11:30pm: Realize we left the whipped cream in the car and it will be very difficult to get it without him noticing as we all leave. Begin texting each other while JT remains blissfully unaware.

12am: Chelsea ‘needs something out of Molly’s car’ and leaves to grab ‘something’ and put it in a convenient spot for when we leave.

12:15am: We all get up to leave. The girls take advantage of JT being a gentleman and holding the door open and each grab a can of whipped cream as they walk to the car. JT doesn’t see it and starts walking. Suddenly, whipped cream is flying and within seconds JT is covered.

Chelsea, Kyla, and I were laughing so hard at his reaction. He was completely surprised by it. Needless to say, it was quite satisfying. Then we made the mistake of putting our whipped cream down–and not noticing when JT picked them up. After we thought we had ‘gotten’ him, suddenly WE were the ones being attacked. I got an earful of whipped cream, Kyla and Chelsea got sprayed, and JT refused to give the cans back until he was back in his own car and on his way away from us.

I found out today that JT is actually not quitting; he decided to stay.

I’m a little scared that this whipped cream battle is not over, and now that he’s back at work, I have a feeling that the war will continue in more and more hilarious and devious ways.

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Chasing Aprons.

I just wrote half a blog post and then deleted it.

That’s a good introduction to this story, right? Kind of sums up my state of mind right now. AKA a little bit Not All There.

It’s a good place to be at exactly midnight in the middle of the week.

I’m also hungry.

Story time! (Chelsea, forgive me for this one…I have to)

Yesterday at work, things were going as per usual for a closing shift. It was later in the evening, not quite to closing but getting darker outside. Chelsea is one of the only other people that works at Starbucks that still hangs out there a ridiculous amount whilst not on the clock. That being said, it should come as no surprise that, on her day off, Chelsea was camping out at the counter at the end of the bar, entertaining and being entertained by those of us working (me, Peyton, and JT).

I don’t even remember what I was doing when this guy walked in. Name changed for the sake of Facebook stalking privileges, let’s call him Chris. Chris knew JT (or just bonded over a steaming cup of Joe, either way) and JT introduced Chelsea to Chris and got them talking about something or other. After initiating the conversation and getting them both thoroughly involved, walked away with a weirdly smug look on his face.

I asked him what was up and he did the most ridiculous little-girl squeal, little victory dance, and said “Chelsea made a FRIEND!”

I may have lost it just a bit. I started laughing, not quietly, and Chelsea noticed JT’s dance and my hysteria. “What?? What happened?” I shook my head, trying to silently communicate that it involved the guy sitting next to her. About thirty minutes later, JT made some very scrupmtious pastries and took them–on a single plate–to Chelsea and Chris. I pulled Chelsea away from her New Friend and told her what JT was doing (in case she hadn’t gotten it yet). Needless to say, she was a weird mix between mad and thinking it was funny.

A while later, Chelsea asked me for a favor; she wanted me to fling a piece of the pastry JT had made at him, covering him in whipped cream and croissant.

I agreed.

Really, he deserved it, right? Right.

I proceeded to the back, flung the pastry, and ran.

JT came around the corner, slightly amused, and shook his finger at Chelsea. She just laughed, then picked up roughly half of the pastry and chased JT into the back with it, showing it into his hair, his apron, anything–and then slipped and fell, getting herself creamed as well.

We decided that JT was as bad at setting people up as Amy, one of the shift supervisors who constantly nudges everyone to date, get married, and have multiple children RIGHT NOW. So really no nudging involved there, more like shoving. The very first time I worked with her, she told me that one of us girls had to snatch up the guys before someone else did.

The difference between Amy and JT, however, is that Amy is serious. And she also really wants all the baristas to date and marry each other. She wants it to stay in the family, basically. Bless her. We decided that instead of chasing skirts, Amy tells the baristas to chase aprons. I can see an excellent Adele parody in this; “Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing aprons?” It’s a beautiful disaster in the making.

This story is actually kind of a Normal Shift for us. We keep things interesting, to say the least. It’s a fun place to work.

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Adventures in Coffeeland.

For those of you who don’t know and don’t closely monitor my personal life, I recently started a new job.

I am now a Starbucks barista! I make drinks, take orders, take your life savings, and give you coffee in exchange. It works out well. For me.

When I first started this job, I didn’t hate it. No, I was a full step past hating this job; I nearly quit on my first day after training. I was one incident away from handing my used green apron to my manager and walking out the front doors. Thanks to a pep talk, however, I made it through my first eight-hour shift only slightly winded, cried it out on my way home, and survived the rest of the week with nothing more than throbbing feet and coffee stains in weird places.

Now that I’ve been working here for about a month, I’m a lot more comfortable with the register system and I’ve actually gotten to where I know what I’m doing on bar (aka the making of the complex drinks). I enjoy the job. I don’t love it; it’s a job, after all, and not a fabulous one, but it pays.

The thing that’s keeping me at this job (other than the fact that I have to pay rent again in a couple weeks) is the people. I work with some amazing people. If it weren’t for the people, I really think I would still be hating this job. It’s hard, emotionally demanding, stressful, and fast-paced. But then again, I like that I’m always busy here. I don’t like sitting still (and I’m not good at it), so constantly being on the move is really a good thing for me.

The ‘group’ that I’ve clicked with here includes five people; JT, Kyla, Chelsea, Peyton, and myself.

Peyton is the dark-humored and hilarious guy in our group. He’s one of the most unlikely Starbucks employees. He told us once that when they told him in the interview that h had to wear the green apron, he almost turned the job down. He likes Darwin Awards (natural selection at its finest), has some hilarious stories, and is very intelligent.

Then there’s Kyla. She’s quiet at first, until you get to know her. Then she’s not exactly loud, but she definitely has her moments. We spent about 20 minutes quoting Emperor’s New Groove and YouTube videos the other day when we were working together. Kyla and Chelsea both understand my Doctor Who and Sherlock references, as well as most of my other nerd references  Kyla was one of the first people to ‘take me under her wing’ at work since we’d known each before. She offered to help me if I needed it, point me in the right direction if I got confused, that sort of thing. We get along smashingly, basically.

Chelsea I bonded with almost instantly. The first time I met her she showed me her phone case, which has the TARDIS with 221B on it. Best mashup ever. Every time we hang out and learn more about each other we find more in common. She’s a youth pastor at a church in the area and it’s so nice to have found a friend that not only shares a lot of my interests but also my faith. She’s also one of the goofier people at Starbucks and keeps things interesting.

JT is a shift supervisor, which is Starbucks’ annoying way of saying assistant manager, basically. He is without a doubt one of the most hilarious people I’ve met here and working with him is one of my favorite things. I look forward to working with him regardless of who else is working. He’s another Christian (honestly, I was surprised with how many people I met that shared my beliefs) and should be a pastor when he’s serious. When he’s not in a serious mood, though, all bets are off.

I’ve gotten used to working night shifts and then hanging out for a bit with the people I work with. I usually don’t make it to bed until the wee hours of the morning.

I used to have a rule that I wouldn’t be friends with my coworkers outside of work. Since starting here, however, that rule has been shot to pieces. Chelsea, Kyla, JT, and I even decided we should start a band, open a bakery, or a million other ideas. It’s cool to have a team at work that you know beyond the work environment.

Anyway, I just wanted to assure you all that I didn’t die, drop off the face of the planet, or come into contact with Gamma Radiation of Mysterious, Extra-Terrestrial Origin.

Working at Starbucks is a bit like living on a different planet, though…

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Coffee For A Cause.

On September 12, a group of friends and I will be hosting our first fundraising event for human trafficking awareness. The group we created is called Be Her Voice, and you can find the official Facebook page right here. We’re hoping, with this group and a partnership with Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s Orange Movement, that we can get the community involved in ending human trafficking.

September 12 will be an event we have dubbed ‘Coffee For A Cause’, a night of coffee-drinking and friend-making that will allow my friends and I to introduce the Orange Movement and the causes we are fighting for.

The event starts at 7pm, and will go until 9:30. Marci Piper and her students will be speaking, we’ll have live entertainment, and we’ll have coffee galore.

We are asking a $5 donation to buy a coffee cup–one you’ll get to take home with you. The $5 covers the cup, coffee, and snacks. The Orange Movement is planning on bringing their merchandise and information packets, we will provide fact sheets, and hopefully you’ll leave with a passion for ending human trafficking!

We hope that everyone in the community can come out and join us. The event will be at Bartlesville Southern Baptist Church, and more information will be posted on the Facebook page as we get closer to the event. If you have any questions, feel free to message the Be Her Voice group or myself, comment on anything on the page (or this post), and don’t hesitate to reach out to us! If you’d like to donate a mug, contact me or take your cups to The Rock, care of Amy Rice.

I hope this event will open your eyes to the tragedy of human trafficking! I hope you can come drink coffee with us and learn about what we can do to fight it. Most of all, I hope you’re moved to action!

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Stash Dash.

So my friend, who runs The Knitting Goddess blog, introduced me to this thing called the Stash Dash. This is basically a challenge to crochet/knit/spin/etc 5K of yarn between May 23rd and August 7th. In ‘Murica terms, that’s around 5,500 yards of yarn in a little more than two months. Sound easy?

The average crocheted scarf uses about 400 yards of yarn. If you crochet nothing but scarves, you’d have to crochet more than thirteen scarves. That’s kind of a lot of scarves.

The goal is to use yarn from your ‘stash’, or the enormous piles you’ve built up and have nowhere to put. But since I seem to have managed to collect only one ball of each kind of yarn and can’t finish a project with three different weights of yarn in all different colors, I may have had to buy a bit more yarn to really be able to finish the dash (which technically is cheating, but seriously. No one wants a scarf that looks like a knot or an afghan that does not and will never lie flat or be soft enough to use).

Although this is the first year I’ve participated (or really even know about) the dash, I am proud to say that I have COMPLETED the Dash–two and half weeks early!

That’s what you get when I’m unemployed. A crocheting fiend.

So, in order to prove this (because I still feel a little like it can’t possible be true), I give you…

Picture proof.

photo 1 (2)photo 5 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4The top picture are the first two scarves I made without any pattern or direction. They turned out amazingly and I actually sold the solid blue one a couple days ago.

The next picture is the scarf I’m currently working on. I’m making it in Gryffindor colors–maroon and gold–in honor of Harry Potter. I also just finished a Slytherin colored one–silver and green–that has smaller stripes. I’ll be keeping the Slytherin one. Hehe.

Next is another one of the scarves, just showing off the tassels and the length. Not counting the tassels, the scarves are about 6 feet long (basically, I can hold them up and they’re the same height as me).

Then there’s my first granny-square continuous afghan. That blanket took me the longest because I had to switch colors at the end of every row. It’s not very big, but it’s definitely warm.

The last picture is the one I’m proudest of. This afghan is a good-sized lap blanket and was crocheted with two colors of yarn held together to add thickness to the stitches. This blanket is another that makes me feel like I cheated because I used twice the amount of yarn on what could have been half that. The blanket is super heavy and thick and I love it. Totally worth getting overheated while working on it…

Anyway, those are my crocheting endeavors! Any ideas what I should crochet next, now that I have some yarn inventory?


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