The Sudan Fellowship

Hello once again! As those of you at OKWU may [or may not] know, there’s this little organization called the Sudan Fellowship on campus. This past year, membership was small, but attendance was regular and the members were dedicated. Despite the small number of people involved, the group managed to raise quite a bit of money for the cause–an orphanage in Sudan that shelters and loves kids with no home and no family. This orphanage is a great blessing–because of the strife in Sudan and South Sudan and the imminent war, children are in a terrible place, caught in the war. The orphanage gives these kids a second chance, a better life, and the love they need. The orphanage is called Hope for Sudan, and you can find out more specifics about them here

Now this little group, the SF, is running low on members–three of the prominent people in the group are graduating this year, and one of the members is studying abroad in Uganda next semester. That in itself is a great blessing, but the Fellowship is losing members faster than it can gather more.

Here’s when you come in. If you go to OWU and would like to be a part of this wonderful group, comment on this post with your information or tweet me [@MSparksFly] or Josh, the leader for next year [@God_Rescues]. Josh can probably give you a lot more information than I can, but I can definitely try. If you don’t go to OWU, send us a tweet anyways. We’d love to get you involved! The more people we can get on board with this and involved, the more we can help the orphans and widows in Sudan.

Thanks for reading–and check back here for more updates next semester, when the group officially starts up again.

Also, here’s a video to fill you in on exactly what’s going on in Sudan right now. This video was posted just a couple days ago.


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